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Greg McVerry

Four Ways to Respond to Reading With Poetry #Literacies #edu307 #EDU407Fall19 #edu407

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Panic has crept in
unmarked starting gates
ruin more journeys than masked destinations
I have asked your for a poetic response to reading
How does one summarize thought in poem?
transform text into lyrical relevance
Take the bait and find multiple paths
four to be exact
Bring poetic fact
across different forms
as we challenge the norms
of written response
We will work with reading
These ideas just seedlings
they need your feeding of
fleeting thoughts
for truth to be brought

Found Poems

Just search the text
for tiny specs
of phonetic bliss
and a truthful hiss

Talking Walls
patience has taken me
it is never too early
poetry protesting injustice
build empathy
consider, reconsider

Free Verse

Do not let rules starve creativity
define what you see
bring it to me
a dead mouse of thought
dropped on my doorstep
hunt for meaning in the phlow
of the free verse

Truth Lyrical
evidence empirical
learn to read
be forever free
poets detained
voices remained
poems residue of
opression and freedom
forever caught
in an endless dance
Teach young to shape our world
as empathetic poets
as elder peers address
inqequity and injustics
Power in love
love in our power

Blackout Poem

Search for light in dark
The sparse an arc in seas of night
sailing a top misconception
coloring out our inflection
resurrection of fact
hidden among the black
compelling voice/on the path/taken me/ when freedoms time to begin/expresses lyrically/practices besides participation/acts a part/can play a role/child education/social injustices/poetry to rpotes/model poetry of social justice/poetry can be instrumental/mystical chords/tie two ideals/

Acrostic Poem

A poetic form for those who
Can't find their internal flame
Structure of sound
To scaffold a task
Case words never found

Teachers encourage student
Action through peoms
Kings and Queens, and all the beauties in between
Inviting change in poetry
Never stop asking questions
Give opportunities to challenge power

When empathetic vocies emerge
All get uplifted
Lyrical truth upon a our
Litanty of misery, then
Social Justice


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