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Greg McVerry

Mountain's Edge a Poem Written on a #ctreg14 Outdoor Club Hike to Black Rock State Forest #clmooc circa 2006??

1 min read

Have you ever stood on the the brink, the edge
of a mountain
it is the food, the drink, from the knowledge
sheer rock reaching into the heavens
standing tall, the original Reverend
born deep in center of the earth
speaking truth through girth
giving answers to all who seek
unasked questions from base to peak
The mountain
climbing, seering, omnipresent heights
gazing at might, a passage of rights
volcanic explosions
milleinia of erosions
circle of life carved with God's knife
every century of history
is trapped within thee
From shrines atop Fuji
or Zues's anrger and trists
recorded at the foothills of Olympus
to the Lion of Zion
who has kept hope flyin
we have always peered to the piles of sediment
as a place of spiritual betterment


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