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Greg McVerry

Frozen Hope a Poem for @RobinDerosa #digped #clmooc #openpedagogy

1 min read

Stasis of
permanent change
permeates in
deranged winds
blowing against
logic lost, tossed
in permafrost of time

policies picked over
pick over policies

students struggle
frostbitten faces trudging
the tundra
as wind whipped realities
drop pressures
 to pay,
learn, survive
motions that can not
be tabled

treeless mountain track
direction lost, battles fought
all for naught
languages of Kildin Sámi
hope fades
poppping like pingos

No task force
but teachers,
scholars of care
can whisp away
frosty air

you are the hearth
the fire in which we
for in your arms we
see a shelter
for the masses


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