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Greg McVerry

The agency and artistry of meaning makers within and across digital spaces

artistry to meaning making that has more to do with the meaning maker than the technologies

It is a mistake to believe that there is some kind of precise “mathematic” or “formulaic” rendering that is possible. Meaning making is never precise; it is not a form of exact mapping of sounds or meanings onto text.

The skilled readers in our study engaged in a multi-layered inferential reading process that occurred across the three-dimensional spaces of Internet tex(Coiro & Dobler)

That is, the meaning maker is engaged in constructing selves or multiple persona in the company of others or a form of embodiment — a secondary engagement with or participation in the worlds constructed across or within or by layers of text and other media. The term embodiment is used to denote Csordas’ (1999) use of embodiment — “an existential condition” (p. 143).

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