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Greg McVerry

My Day Two 2020 @IndieWebCamp Online Goal: Build a Poetry Page

2 min read

screenshot of my layout for a poetry page

Currently I am in the middle of a 30 day pop up poetry community and I share poetry all over the web. I need one place to call home.

So for @IndieWebCamp Online I want to build a page to host all my poetry.

I am goint to use CSS (maybe subgrid if I get inspired...want to challenge myself) Grid. I will set three coulns using 2fr, 5fr, 3fr/ That means my area will be divided in 10 equal parts. the left column will be two parts, the right three, and the middle column will take up five parts.

In the left toolbar I am going to make a place for all my audio poems. I have already been putting these on my server but posting them on my Known blog. I will just use the audio element. I will add an h-feed and an rss feed for people who just want audio.

In the middle I will nest another grid andย  I will have an area for a featured poem(s). Then I will have an RSS feed of places I post poetry. Probably just from Known.

Then I will make another feed of backstage posts where I explain the how to for poetry. I do not know if I will do this natively or just embed an RSS feed.

Then in the right column I will have a poet's circle where I have a feed of poets from the web I follow. I think I am going to start by cutting up my Following page. I want to take each section and make it a php file so I can use the snippets all over my website. I am going to start here today.

Finally I am going to add an h-feed and an RSS feed for any of the poetry books I am currently reading. My poems work best when I anchor them in the styles of those who have come before. I want to share these treasures. I will probably just publish these manually. I am really bad at keeping up with read posts.

For today I will be happy jjust to get the layout down. If I fill it with poems even better.


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