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Greg McVerry

Ridgeline #poetryport #clmooc

Rocks scattered
  speckled grey
among our brown blanket
of forest aching for snow
plopped on a rock,
logs a defrosted mess
the dog plays, such joy
in limitless discovery
chasing sents and rodents
leaves rustle with relentless
No turkey or deer today
Just wispy clouds painting
the sun's whiskers
that rap upon
Dead giants  who creak their
 funeral dirge
Brisk air, a break  from
Winter's sojourn
Wind howls from the valley
 below, stirring memories; carrying
them away
Rushing a reality
past my face
  As I sit
   in bliss
Not too long the moon
will rise to my back
Our sun will wrap
itself on the
other side of the hill
I will get cold
the journal will close
   not yet
I'm not done


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