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Greg McVerry

You Learn A Lot Talking To Yourself Online in #IndieWeb Chat

2 min read

The self directed nature of knowledge quilting relies heavily on agentive . The network needs to provide resources even when experts are not around.

We handle this in a few ways. First you have Loqi, your friendly bot and therapist. You can ask them all kinds of questions.

That puts you in touch with the wiki where you can often find helpful advice and discussion of design patterns.

This means I can talk to myself and never be alone.

Learning spaces need to create environments where self-direction thrives, not rely on a myth of self direction to avoid designing community.

jgmac1106: what is pagination? [05:50am]
Loqi: pagination is a UI pattern for navigation across (typically chronologically) sequential pages that show one or more posts such as permalink post pages, archives, search results, and lists of tagged posts[05:54am]
jgmac1106: Trying to brainstorm how to add pagination and the url structure for my artilces page: [05:55am]
jgmac1106: read Karthik and aaronpk do by year, was thinking every 12…not make it sate specific [05:57am]
jgmac1106: not sure about /,1,2,3 because new articles added to /, I don’t want to have to move everything once a page exceed 12 articles [06:00am]
[06:07am] jgmac1106: maybe I do articles/yyyy/mm and use that as inspiration to try and publish 10-12 articles a month
[06:58am] jgmac1106: I will add a directory of months to my page not found: so if someone was just poking around archives by messing with yyyy/mm url they can find months with stuff
[06:58am] Loqi: Greg McVerry


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