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Greg McVerry

Our #edu506 Disciplinary #Literacies Questions

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Students completed a 3-2-1 in reaction to the readings. They had to list three things they learned, two things, they found interesting, and one question they still had. Here are there questions:

How can we better educate teachers on how to use different texts with children. For example, what resources are there for teachers to help with selecting text that apply to different student backgrounds and skills.

How much should we limit vocabulary learning? Obviously there are endless words to be learned, but given the limited resources, where do we stop? Gunning made a few suggestions on choosing 4-6 words to key in on when reading a new book.

When we are teachers what newsletters or publications can we explore to better inform our ELA et al teaching going forward?

I have read through many ways to help expand a child’s vocabulary. Examples of this are: reading high-quality books, Word Central, riddles, and vocabulary self-collection strategy. From experience, is there one way you have noticed that works better than others? Or does it ultimately come down to whatever is the best learning structure for that individual student.

One aspect that I felt like I wanted to read more about was how to embed using disciplinary literacies across all subjects in a classroom.

 How do we make sure that all students are receiving all of the necessary skills for each discipline? Some students work with other educators in the building (specialists, special education teachers, etc.) that might not use the same terminology or skill.



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