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Greg McVerry

Algonquin for
"Long Tidal River"
English translation
"FU to history"
169 towns
169 lies
Flaunting truth
Blue placard signs greet
Guests with
Settlement dates documenting
manifest destiny's
baby steps
Aint no town been put down
Where people aint been before
Our language cast saviors' history
layers of tailored truths
masking misery
Pilgrims and Cortez, made up tales.
Rings true
My town traditions boasts of
land bought for
No joke. . Its like curriculum
Not like. Taught.
In school. On field trips. In racist uniforms.
Come to East Haddam
You can read Bout our 53 coat deal on the big blue sign out front.
No moose needed.

We even got Big Blue signs of
Made up history in
Amusement Parks in the Land of Steady Habits.
Trolley destinations atop tribal nations
Grab a coaster and read about the
sharks who snagged
land for Lake Compounce.
169 towns,
greeting folks
169 lies.


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