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Greg McVerry

Week One Module for #edu506 @scsu studentd building up their skills in teachign online literacies in k12 classrooms

2 min read


Explore methods to make our online classes a caring place where every student know what it takes to succeed.

  • Analyze how you applied elements of Community of Inquiry to your first week
  • Explain why intentional hospitality matters in online learning.

Skim the readings for the salient points. Try to survive this week. I debated just giving you an infographic but I went full source in case you return.

Bali, M., Caines, A., Hogue, R. J., DeWaard, H. J., & Friedrich, C. (2019). I ntentionally Equitable Hospitality in Hybrid Video Dialogue: The context of virtually connecting. eLearn, 2019(5), 5.

Garrison, D. R., Anderson, T., & Archer, W. (2010). The first decade of the community of inquiry framework: A retrospective. The internet and higher education, 13(1-2), 5-9.


Share a reflection of your first day.

Share yoru daily and/or weekly schedule


You took pride in designing your classroom. Your online class should be the same. Over time you can add all the paint and posters, get all the student work hung up, make anchor charts.

For now less is more.

  • Get a piece a paper,
  • Draw out the text structure of a "class period" or "day" depending on your k12 school gets set up.
  • You get no more than four boxes.
  • Now make this layout in Google Classroom.
  • Provide a shot of your paper and the classroom template (NO student data can be displayed)

This first week with your students your major focus has to be on social presence and intentional hospitality. Share the strategies you used to keep learning social while creating an environment where students know you care.




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