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Greg McVerry

A Shadow's Dance #smallpoems #poetry #writingcommunity

Splintered pasts
gather in
concrete futures

stolen glances of
sun's march
As two who never
come to be in
glimpses of impossible destiny

Interest aligned
eyes locked
destiny's knot
as feet
fallen leaves

Just as the dogs run
determined to
get nowhere at all, their paths
can never cross

Warmed by the
of shared mystery
history at the edges of
sheer rock ledges
knowledge in stone
beliefs in all should, would,
stolen truth that nothing
could happen
shattered fates refactored
in tears of fallen dew

Yet they walk
Not hand in hand
but holding together a future
that never was from
a past that will always be

As light slips
past the canopy
shadows dance
making desire

Trail markers fade
time passes
with the pups


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