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Greg McVerry

I just proposed a session on webmention badges and gamification for #IndieWeb Online West #OpenBadges

Let's talk linking and learning in networked speaces.

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IndieWeb West, a remote conference rapidly approaches, and I just proposed a session on webmention badges.

For the last two years a group of us have explored how we could created a simple badging system using webmentions. One link, verifying that a second link contains evidence that meets specific criteria.

That's it. Two permalinks talking and veryifying each other. I want to continue this work at the IndieWeb summit.

At the same time we see new community members drawn to the old idea of indiemark, whihch was a way to self assess how far your personal site has come. I wonder if we can gamify this a bit more with automate badges.

Same with the test suites, what if stuff like awarded a badge when people past a test? These could stack until a person earns an "IndieWeb" button to display on theior site. The button could then link to a record of the test result.

Some background:



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