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Greg McVerry

My Ukulele Curriculum

2 min read

I had my first lesson with Aldrine Guerrero today. As a goal we wanted to develop a curriculum for my playing.

I decided to take lessons as I learned a couple chords, like to make noise pretending I knew scales, and had annoyed everyone in my family pretending to know a few songs.

Basically hit a wall in learning teachers can only break. You can practice chess for years but until you study growth will not occur. Music no different.

Teachers make studying easier. Good ones make it fun.


Ukulele 100, and 101

I said I completed these, but I more skimmed 100 and have gotten through first parts of 101. Just thought I know AA minor and C, so skip. Knowledge though not the point. Anyone can say hold the third fret down on the bottom string.

Repeating how to play a C ain't the same as knowing how a C should feel when it licks your ears with a nice natural drop (lesson from one of the two).

As suspected I picked up a few bad habit over last coupld months by trying to just skip over basics.

Routines and practice matter more than knowing.


I loved Aldrine's approach to learning songs as a tool to learning to play. Every week I pick 2-3 songs but drop them at the end of the week. Step away. Makes sense. A strategy writers use all the time. Then in month two I drop back in 1-2 songs from the cycle.

Finding your Swing

I really enjoyed the strumming lesson classes and need to practice the "not playing" motion. Relax my wrist a bit more to get a natural drop . Yet I loved some of the comments that you can't be wrong a strum pattern. Each person will develop their own quirks and each song open to interpretation. I had fears of pages and pages of strum patterns and a metronome all up in my space.

Overall I am excited I settled on Ukulele Underground as my community. I picked this place more for it is a place and not a series of video lectures alone. Will need to pick some non work times to meet. Found it hard to switch off work brain and flip right into chill out and jam brain. Excited to start my UU journey in the New Year


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