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Greg McVerry

We Stand In Solidarity with Asian and Asian Americans of Atlanta

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The tragedies come to quickly. The hate flows to freely. It must stop

As a nation we face a moment of heightened violence, bullying, and discrimination against Asian and Asian American children, businesses, teachers, families, and community members.
We send out love and solidarity to all of our community members impacted by this racism, misogyny, and violence.

Please explore these resources about what we as members of the cybersecurity and tech community can do to stop anti-Asian bullying and racism in our cities:

Responding to Anti-Asian Violence in Shooting Atlanta
How to Respond to Coronavirus Racism

To the fallen, your names shall not get lost to history:

Delaina Ashley

Yaun Paul

Andre Michels

Xiaojie Tan

Daoyou Feng

Julie Park

Hyeon Jeong Park (two more not yet released)


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