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Greg McVerry

Common IT Policy Template on blogging

2 min read

1. Blogging by employees, whether using [Organization] property and systems or personal computer systems, is also subject to the terms and restrictions set forth in this Policy. Limited and occasional use of [Organization] IT Systems to engage in blogging is acceptable, provided that it is done in a professional and responsible manner, does not otherwise violate [Organization] policy, is not detrimental to [Organization] best interests, and does not interfere with an employee's regular work duties. Blogging from [Organization] IT Systems is also subject to monitoring.

2. [Organization] Confidential Information policy also applies to blogging. As such, Employees are prohibited from revealing any [Organization] confidential or proprietary information, trade secrets or any other material covered by [Organization] Confidential Information policy when engaged in blogging.

3. Employees shall not engage in any blogging that may harm or tarnish the image, reputation and/or goodwill of [Organization] and/or any of its employees. Employees are also prohibited from making any discriminatory, disparaging, defamatory or harassing comments when blogging or otherwise engaging in any conduct prohibited by [Organization].

4. Employees may also not attribute personal statements, opinions or beliefs to [Organization] when engaged in blogging. If an employee is expressing his or her beliefs and/or opinions in blogs, the employee may not, expressly or implicitly, represent themselves as an employee or representative of [Organization]. Employees assume any and all risk associated with blogging.

5. Apart from following all laws pertaining to the handling and disclosure of copyrighted or export controlled materials, [Organization] trademarks, logos and any other [Organization] intellectual property may also not be used in connection with any blogging activity


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