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Greg McVerry

two bookends of death
not robbed by virus but
Forgotten goodbyes
February 2020 Left shelf:
Kelly's got two rules:
Bar open late and a hotel pool
Celebrate a life, not drown in sorrow
Mix in McVerry's.... it's on
Mitchell Funeral, to boot
We gotta party. A life well lived should
not get wallowed in sorrow
but song and Whiskey

In fact

Two got pinched
Catch a case at a Funeral
That's how McVerry's send off a
Mother fuckin man of the cloth

As stagnation rises,
friends fall
not robbed by virus
but goodbyes gone


memories nothing more
but broken verse

Now 2021.
As Vaccines sink in
Queen stolen
smile and a smoke
A shoulder that seeped
fear away.
A friend who saw
with a side eye
which cut glass
Why do you we have to close
this chapter?
with your book,
when that look
should shelve
any doubt on our soul?

You were the peace
we wanted in this world
Will we dance your soul away?
Celebrate Soul in sounds of
Jamaican Sands hidden in
Black Point?

A National Greatness somehow
Root of twisted Polish Irish Tree
accomplish what you will
for you laugh at opposition
upon your star lit night,
A joy
high as heavens
but as simple as reflections on
 crumpled tinfoil carrying
yesterday's stories.
You hold our bookshelf Leesa Mitchell
you are the shared


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