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Greg McVerry

Some History on the Critical in "Critical Race Theory"

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To everyone who criticizes Critical Race Theory as "marxist" let's explore some history.

Not so much on Marxism, go read up on Friedrich Engels on your own time (Marx a crappy writer IMO, Engles easier to get through)

First if you use any systems thinking that includes the individual, an agent, or a subject you have Soviet psychologist Aleksei N. Leontiev to thank for Activity theory.

Much of the work on Activity Theory in the Staes occured at Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition in San Diego

That's right, any systems thinking that supports someone's ability to change the system. So American right? Soviet import.

Now with the word critical now we must separate the Frankfurt School from conscientização

Frankfurt School-1930's Germany (continued by Habermas) today argued for an anti positivism (think Kantian Humanism all the world is observable and countable) where the  analysis of the conditions necessary for emanicipation should be the variable of interest.

conscientização- Critical consciousness from Paolo Friere. 200% post-marxist critical theory. Paoloa Friere wrote Pedagogy of the Oppressed (do us all a solid and read it) he taught illiterate Brazilians when literacy test required to vote (sound like our buddy Jim Crow?)

For Friere learning was a path to liberation. How unAmerican wanting freedom and sovereignty?

Imagine Black, Brown, and Indigenous people not wanting to continue centuries of oppression. Wanting freedom, to vote, to own businesses in their own neighborhoods. So unAmerican, the commie bastards.

Attacking Black Likves Matter or Critical Race Theory as marxist or reverse racism ain't new. Carmichael heard it the first time he said Black Power. Even from the NCAAP.

These lines of inquiry,: activity theory, critical theory, and conscientização come together and weave through history. You can now use this knowledge  to stop all the Nazis who want a race war to kill all the white people and/or inject you with a Bill Gates vaccine to put a chip in your arm.

Most importantly you can now stop the Marxist from getting the government's hands all over social security and medicare.

If you want a no nonsense discussion of critical race theory check us out way back in 2014 before ya'll made it a bad word.





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