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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry


Our sun
time frozen
in fading
For trees,
leaves long
speak today
of poetry
A cadence
on weight
of shrinking
in the prosody
of our politic.

Greg McVerry

My 2021 Office

My 2021 Office

What do you see: My 2021 focus on a more offline worflow

Paper Named 2021 Technology of The Year

L shaped desk. I love them. I do wish the corner raised up into a standing desk. I have stacked milk crates before.

My series of journals. This is new to 2021. Insgtead of ripping htoruh pads of graph paper I bought grid journals for each area of my professional life (I bought one for the truck for rando ideas while commuting).

My Rolodex. It will kick the shit out of your CRM any day.

B Major mixolidian scale tent. I am sure these exist but its a tool I made when I need a brain break and pick up the uke and take the fingers for a walk.

Poetry. Currently Rumi and Major Jackson. Try to write poetry everyday.

Doc camera. It never works well. I need to get a second camera.

Blue Rhino mic. Great mic for the price.

Reading stand. For reading, music, or writing.

Sticky notes. How else do you expect me to think.

Monthly calendar. I have 3-4 calendars to track. Time to go old school.

A weekly to do calendar. I used to try and do this on my website. but it is manual HTML. The to do list should never take time from the to-do list

Off screen: large whitebaord for writing on the floor, spreading out to think. Long term I want to paint one wall Kelly Green and three walls using whiteboard paint. Gonna be ugly as sin can't wait. Building stuido in basement and want office to follow.

My Office 2025

My office 2025: All of these are the same (the corner L raises to standing desk) but each physical element , notebooks, calendars, rolodex, is published to my own website or server. I do not want more interactive displays. Planet is burning.

Less LCD and Lithium batteries the better.

So a few smartbooks are attached to specific folders. Using something like micropub I can go to my website or to NextCloud for servers.

I bought a resusable smart notebook that syncs to the cloud and you erase the pages using a microwave. Then I remembered I don't have a microwave.

Someone told me to try a hair dryer. That might be funniest office accessory yet. Wonder what other cool things I could think of.

See you soon 2025.

Greg McVerry

like hills
Brown, Large
Large, Brown
hills like

Inspired by Buddy the Beefalo. Freedom Fighter

Greg McVerry

Published next episode of my microcast of bad poems. Tried to capture what happens when you sit down and not only will the writing not come but the desire is sapped

Greg McVerry

Hey I know folks been buggin me. Just got through a backlog of recording and added 13 poems to my boombox of bad subscribe with @pocketcast

Greg McVerry

Need ruling from Interwebz court. In poetry exercise I randomly open up rhyming dictionary page & connect a poem to today. OG idea was one one rhyme but things like suffixes muffed it up, what I do when most say go to page "X"?

Greg McVerry

@dogtrax Ttrying a new poetry exercise. Open to random page of rhyming dictionary and choose a word. At same time I wanted to capture my duality of teaching kids to read with and then protecting supply chain with

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Reflections on Rumi: Is there a Shared Voice in American Poetry

I am reading Rumi's poetry right now. I say reading for I can not truly hear the meaning. Unless of course I find the emptiness

4 min read

I am reading Rumi's poetry right now. I say reading for I can not truly hear the meaning. Unless of course I find the emptiness to not listen.

Until then I do try to find audio versions of poems in Persian to miss meanings in Cadence of quatrains and tone of odes.

Prosody of the voice carried by a 1,000 past tongues.

Alas, I rely on Coleman Banks like everyone else to muck up the meaning for me. Banks notes in his work he does three things: chooses to use the free form popular in American poetry, groups the poems into categories to represent poetry as a medium of mystical imagination, and gives Rumi's poems whimsical titles.

Is There an American Tongue?

The note about Amerivan free form poetry got me thinking. I have been discussing form and poetry with a friend Peter Molnar who said he couldn't realte as well to American free form poetry.

At first I thought is it because there is no American tongue? No song to a history. Sure English is the Lingua Franca here, for a decade or two more, but sonnets, quatrains, and strict form.

Can strict forms of poetry collect meaning while having language broken from history? America is a land of genocide, slavery, opportunity, and a fierce individualsm.

The kinda folks who will say, "Fuck your rules." when it comes to poetry.

Banks says that Rumi writes, "Love is the reality and poetry is the drum"

Free Form Poetry

Take American music, and by default all modern Western music, the  guitar style descends from an instrument, the banjo, from Africa. The 2/4 beat and second lines also stolen imports.

Our drum beats not just to cultural appropriation but to a backbeat of a shared belief in opportunity no matter the odds.

After Whitman and Dickinson American poetry took a turn from English and began a pattern of remix.

Yes much of this reflects appropriation of Indigenoues and Black voices but margainlized communities also found power and opportuntity in drumming love. B. B. King famously noted how to hime the blues aren't sad. He saw nothing but dreams.

Hughes and the Harlem Renaisance, Ezra Pound bringing in Chinenese form and ideals. T.S. Eliot and Gertrude Stein threw out the rules. William Carlos Williams explictly wanted to break from Victorian rules.

This was followed by the beat poets.Them folks crazy, plus the CIA did some weird experiments with psychedelics at the time.

Then America imported British Rock which had appropriated rock and roll into the mercerbeat. Rock, combined with the psychedelic and art movements of San Fransisco became a driver of American Poetry

Then Pablo Neruda and César Vallejo taught us to find imagery in the every day. Merwin brought this to environmentalism.

Today those original drums from Africa returned to the streets through Funk, Reggae, and then Rap and Hip Hop culture. The "dozens" supercharged with assonance and consonance brought in  internal rhymes and playing with sound and meaning.

Rap tells the story of urban decay but from a position of bravado, opportunity, and individualism. It began in the US after Jamaican immigrants copied the Deejay and emcee set up of the reggae sound systems and later concert halls.

Remix as Language

So I guess "remix" best  describes the tongue of American poetry.

You can't hear our voice in sonnets or quatrains for our song does not belong to us.

It belongs to you, was stolen from them, adopted by us, nutured and protected by others, marketed to all, and uniquely American.

Free verse for a freedom loving people in a Nation where many were not free.




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