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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

probably the most writing group I know beyond some other teacher poetry groups organized on blogs and RSS much longer,. We utiilize a web ring, and RSS planet, to syndicate all the artists together.

Greg McVerry

Anyone use @themeisle and know which shortcode or function to add to add a permalink on a post with no title? I tried the "read more" function to no promise I copied it correctly. building an RSS planet for tech camp

Greg McVerry

@athletics_nmms We are giving every kid and their teacher a website and then publishing all the work into a single rss planet, why not improve communication and build digital skills

Greg McVerry

Don't have no effect sizes, but we got web ring of writers, and an RSS planet: if I need to add it to hang out with crew I could add some "blah, blah blah, JPG identity kits, blah blah blah"

Greg McVerry

@nathan_stevens Well that has to go out to crew as we just pulled of writing gift peoms each day in November. We keep a web ring, RSS Planet, facebook group, private writing spaces Yapnet, and twitter hashtag

Greg McVerry

seen a few as people look to to take better ownership & control of writing. We can still share our work. I syndicate poems to and we use a web ring and RSS planet

Greg McVerry

Truth Wrapped In Blankets of Kindness: A #poetryport gift for everyone who pours energy into #femedtech

Seek voices
of those who
sow Quilts
of truth
as our metaphors
of meaning,
reasons for beings,

Flax age rises

truth spun on
spindles of fallen

Looms of labor lost

as knots of cottage
industry take
root in villages
of our

Knowledge is not
capital. To be brokered
or sold.
Knowledge is a kindness
blanket warming
us all.

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Greg McVerry

Hey I threw together a quick tutorial on making a calendar to track writing you publish each day: You can make a quick RSS feed and I will add your poems to our Planet

Greg McVerry

So many niche communities of teachers connect blogging. has web ring, rss planet, provides private space to draft. Find a passion. Get a blog. Curate a community. In fact is giving out free poems all month as part of

Greg McVerry

Feces withe A Face: A Virtual Poem for #clmooc #poetryport

A promised made
to keep the poems
more physical
to find Pinksy's history in
Meaning in the mundane
now tasked to describe virtually
I wonder
where is the
the line?
Asked since 1959
Do we taste and feel
in our online spaces?
The faces

Then I remember poop is virtual too!
What does it mean for poetry
When our feces has faces?

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