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Greg McVerry

Introspective Knots A #poetryport poem

Poets shout
at intersections
of truth
   and fiction
introduce a
projection of
perfection that
slips on lips
  of falsehood
kissed by
   that seduce
and let loose
sounds inward
        turned windward
Gusts of time
beat back stolen
voices searching
feeling and thought
in motion

Greg McVerry

Cry for my Children a #PoetryPoem of Diversity

I cry
for the lack of
diversity in
the lives of
my boys
a pride in nation
celebrating a single
story reinforced in schools
tales of Indigenous happily selling
land for 53 coats
then emblazing
uniforms with racist
caricature's of a Chief
in ceremonial Head Dress.

Imagine pinning
Congressional Medal of Honor
on a cartoon?

immigration and
Ellis island celebrated
no mention, more
open disdain for immigrants
in shadows

At same time we are
home to a diverse world
of artistry and protest
Venture Smith
Palmer-Warner House
every Saturday vigils of peace
held while hunters
sit in tree stands

Perfect mix of hippy and hick
piss on your bonfire
and call it performance

I feel guilty
yet at same time I
can not survive in the city
I need woods, I need
I need no more than one stop
Not sure what to do

Greg McVerry

celebrate diversity? a #poetryport poem

diversity is
  what we do
     in white schools.
eating spicy foods
(keep it mild don't go too
wild), maybe read a book
with a Black
boy on the cover

Diversity in schools
of color is racism
A reality not a goal
fixed by serving
taco bowls
But a dance of
resilience and
       brilliance, beautiful
children who succeed
     in spite of
not because
          of society

Greg McVerry

Floodlit Public a #PoetryPort poem inspired by recent #IndieWeb chat on publics, backfeed, and private posts

A floodlit
 cast on conflict
toxic kaliedoscopic
  of   fritction
cognizance of
in   every corner but
our own

who present
in confidence
sit on thrones
they envision alone

it ain't meek
we seek
that our
simple ripples in reason,
slip on,
without adhession
to publics
   as identities
collapse in relapses
context wrecked from
feckless desire to
crank the neck
to souls
on fire
triggered through reposts
sapping hope

Technology has redefined
me and mine
making us
you and yours
but many
can never see
what it means to be
someone, anyone
until we become undone
then we seek
a unity in
identity by focusing
on small community.

Greg McVerry

Confidence of Winter's Kiss a #PoetryPort Poem

I have
   no confidence
in the kiss
of winter's bliss
Hilltops amiss
milky blankets
   never fallen
soft touches
that linger on finger and
No slick valleys,
sleds up and
Pressure drops
in lakes of thought
Hiding great winds of doubt
from my reality
as tears fall
    to fill the rivers
and flow to
    shores of
        my soul

Greg McVerry

Envoy of Joy a #PoetryPort Poem #smallpoems #writingcommunity

Like a decoy
of Troy
but an envoy
as enjoyable
ploys for the
real McCoys
with coy thoughts
mixing divisions
of flamboyance and clairvoyance
an epoxy
gluing smiles
by spewing against
trials found in
a fragile docile

Greg McVerry

Search for Joy A #PoetryPort Poem #clmooc #writingcommunity

A search for joy
unfurls in our world
as a hunt for purpose
swirled in
a thirst for good people
treated with
unequal gratitude
as you bank thanks
for others
and smother yourself
in doing you.

Greg McVerry

Joy in Poetry a #potryport poem

Joy in poetry
in brief
watching verse
bubble up
a meniscus of blood
seeping from freshly
pulled scabs
unsought answers
gleam from miniscule
curved surface
of the monsters who
make up
our jagged souls

Greg McVerry

Explore Life a #poetryport gift for every child never too afraid to fly #writingcommunity #literacies

With each door
three birds
from small pines framing
broken stairs greeting our house
startled steps on
as they take to the sky

Now there is

matted feathers
tossed like first
on our muddy green
missing winters
frozen nuzzle

Each spring,
in those same shrubs
we watch  nests grow
witnesses to watch
every egg die

I would hate to explore
life as these birds
but then again
they get to fly.

Greg McVerry

Explore Poetry in the Kitchen #poetryport #writingcommunity #smallpoems

Dancing in scents
as spice and pans fly
wafting from oven
arises a percussion
of poetry in the
a religion of near rhymes
and recipes
blessing me
Stirring sounds of
emotions swirl
in bowls filled with batter
of the soul
Caadence curling around
commotion as time kneads
Blanch the banal
of plain staples
bathed in aromas
plucked by a Cassanova

Explore the world
as tongues transport us
and deglaze us from
our existence,
and dress delights
in crazed dishes and
verse cooked with the heat
of a thousand


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