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Greg McVerry

Cry for my Children a #PoetryPoem of Diversity

I cry
for the lack of
diversity in
the lives of
my boys
a pride in nation
celebrating a single
story reinforced in schools
tales of Indigenous happily selling
land for 53 coats
then emblazing
uniforms with racist
caricature's of a Chief
in ceremonial Head Dress.

Imagine pinning
Congressional Medal of Honor
on a cartoon?

immigration and
Ellis island celebrated
no mention, more
open disdain for immigrants
in shadows

At same time we are
home to a diverse world
of artistry and protest
Venture Smith
Palmer-Warner House
every Saturday vigils of peace
held while hunters
sit in tree stands

Perfect mix of hippy and hick
piss on your bonfire
and call it performance

I feel guilty
yet at same time I
can not survive in the city
I need woods, I need
I need no more than one stop
Not sure what to do


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