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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Three Body Problem a #poetryport poem for the theme memory #edu106 #netnarr

On a
to hide the
   kind release
of cruel
seeking stasis
at the legrange
point of
     my soul
as scabs of
time fester
a three body
problem of

Greg McVerry

Negotiation of the Selfie: A #clmooc #poetryport gift for @diglitalvermann, for no one more deserves a poem comparing the forces on self to those of relativity and quantum mechanics #netnarr #edu106

Two giants
bending realities in
Unified dimensions
of altering axis
0f self, A
negotiation shifted
in identities defined for us
as we cast I , me, you we,
into the heavens
gravitational waves of reality
as we can't see the physics within
the same
projections which
Within we(s)
If literacies, multiple
identities must follow

You, me, I, we
project quantum
fluctuations on thee

a projection of
Like Einsten's
papers, two realities
negotiate an
existence where
neither can truly be

Accelerating truths
bring on new
weights of gravity
time dilations of frozen crisis,
a maligned star
burning with the fusion of a
broken heart

and expeditious explosion
of joy as diamond
cascades from neutrino

An Agent of action
sending ripples
through time and space
Quantum mechanics
on a cosmic scale
dance in minutiae of self
four dimensions
of space spinning in
gyrations of souls
unified systems in unpredictable

heavenly bodies, us each,
big objects, planets,
colliding galaxies
our Me(s) warped around us by
Newton's laws
Identity, like
Gravity birthed int he
Yet that same
magnetism of will,
draws force from the well
compels love
both strong and weak
is it a fourth power we seek?
“Only the hand that erases
can write the true thing.”
Each quarky twitch
'a switch behind two
indescribable forces
writing your yous
onto the world

Greg McVerry

Missing Bowie: A #poetryport gift for @mrkubasek and hope you avoid the Streetcar Named Disaster #clmooc #netnarr #edu307

Stop, go
no flow
phone dead
light red
can't find Bowie
on the radio

picket fences
manicured lawns
hedgerow lanes with
countless name
Crawl around the Street Car
named disaster
need to move faster

Stuck on
gut punch
plod along

Aint life Grand

Stop, go
no flow
phone dead
light red
can't find Bowie
on the radio

left late
roll right
22, stuck too
Highway flagger
stuffed parrot
stuck on stop
Come on Tom,
need a ship
or gonna flip

impasse on 5
never gonna arrive
 broke down Dodge,
Dead Dacshund
in the road
Traffic's bitter taste
seals  fate
blow my head out
in this car

Stop, go
no flow
phone dead
light red
can't find Bowie
on the radio

Wednesday's start
at Five O'Clock
 in traffic
I rot
pull into
parking lot

running through
double doors
Make sure to
say hi to
Ms. Crublemore
or it's side eye
a mile wide
Hit the gas
get to class
"Hey turn off the dub
sorry kids no sub"


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