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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

@sknebel Here is an article with a title

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and you @sknebel mention in the body.

Greg McVerry

WebMentions from Twitter

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My webmentions from Twitter have turned off. I was a paying convoy customer. I turned off that plug in. When Convoy is on I have two syndication buttons to Twitter.

Greg McVerry

Designing an #IndieWeb Course Template

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So my long term goal is to help create a decntralized LMS powered by tools and philosophies.

To that end I needed to redesign my course templates.

I started with my live course: and went at it.

My first goal was to add h-card and h-event microformats.

I then shared some of my progress and folks were wondering why I still used Bootstrap and not CSS Grid and flexbox. ...Mainly because I didn't knwo how. So I had to learn those.

I may have made quite a few errors as I cobbled it together.

What is next?

I could not for the life of me get the side nav javascript I usually use to work. Will contine on that.

The font awesoem icons simply would not center. I tried everything. Except the right thing.

I really like a collapsible side bar with a full screen sections but I figured the holy grail was good place to start.

Where to find it?

Here is the GitHub repo:

Here is Glitch:

Here is Thimble:

Progress on classroom

Course Template (done)

Syllabus Template (not started), but it is just updating to CSS grid as well

Choosing blogging/microbloggin option for students (in progress)

Tutorials (not started)

Figuring out and installing Apeture and getting a MicroSub reader for the class (no where near ready).


Greg McVerry

Microformats I would like in remixable #indieweb classrooms

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Spent some time today going through and thinkign about what the minimal mark up would be for remixable course repositories:

 Thinking something like:


The h-learning micromat is for making up online classrooms or learning materials:

  • p-module used if a lesson or activity is part of a bigger module
  • p-lesson used if in an activity is part of a bigger lesson
  • p-goal Goal of the learning activity
  • p-objectives measurable outcomes of a lesson
  • p-steps the procudeures a learner or teacher will use
  • p- assessment how will the objectives be measured
  • p-criteria what criteria will be used to measure success
  • p-evidence what will the learner demonstrate to prove criteria have been met.

So a possible lesson page might be:

<h3 class="p-module">My Unit</h3>

<h4 class="p-lesson">Lesson one</h4>

<p class="p-goal">The goal of this lesson is to build yoru first website</p>

   <ul class="p-objective">

      <li>Find a shared host</li>

      <li>Launch a website</li>

      <li>Publish about me page</li>


<div class="p-steps">

    <h4> The Plan </h4>

      <ul >

         <li>step one</li>

         <li>step two</li>



<p class="p-assessment>This will be assessed during a project showcase your peers will score you using a rubric.</p>

<p class="p-criteria> Your website will be judged on x, y, z</p>

<p class="p-evidence>Evidence may include x,yz,</p>

Not sure if any of this would work but it seems simple to ask. Not sure who you ask to make it happen but that is probably even easier.


Greg McVerry

The note I sent my #highered class

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In many ways an online class like this is a great way to measure your dispositions. First I don't expect people to know technology but I do expect to see you know what you don't know and show commitment to learning.

I also get insights into time management and punctuality with time stamped posts

I see how you worked well (or did not work at all) with others

I get to see you teach a module and evaluate your feedback delivery (how much you were involved in your module delivering feedback) and your assessment (using the form I will finish sending out)

Many of you share stories of overcoming adversity and life balance

Don't think our dispositions measure should even try to assess this but it does

overall though I often learn more about people here then I do in my face to face classes

I am working home all day today and tomorrow. I have to run and get a lawnmower real quick but after that you can call me on slack anytime if you need a conference or help

somebody asked me how I would define the difference between A-B. First I like to think in terms of proficient and exemplary. Proficent (B) means you met the objectives by completing the weekly assignments in ways that demonstrated growth. Exemplary means you also encouraged your peers to reach the objectives by teaching critiquing, commenting, interacting in ways that utilized the course content.

But if you think you demonstrate exemplary learning in this class and deserve an A for other reasons please make your case. If you have the evidence to support the argument I will agree.

(It is a self graded class)



Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

I went to sketch my notes on the smallest #openbadges idea using #indieweb stuff and ended up sketching the MicroPub and MicroSub LMS I want

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I got carried away and what I am saying may not be technically correct but I belive it to be technically possible.

Greg McVerry

What I would do to fix MacBook line.

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Listening to Rocket with @film_girl @Spacekatgal and @doomquasar on MacBook Pro line.

1: Go back to including an OS that just works
2: Keep Type C. Get a dongle. one charger to rule them all.
3: iMovie 2007
4: Replace keyboard.
5: Drop touch bar. Maybe a row of buttons where I could assign certain functions or short cut
6: Touchscreen. I have the first touch generation in college. They hate the lack of functionality.

Greg McVerry

What @s_bearden said is true. Numbers mean nothing in #edtechchat PLNs

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Greg McVerry

No Problem @ajpodchadski #edtechchat

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