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Greg McVerry

Quote from Ursula Franklin on Prescriptive Technologies #el30

1 min read

While we should not forget that these prescriptive technologies are exceedingly effective and efficient, they come with an enormous social mortgage. The mortgage means that we live in a culture of compliance, that we are ever more conditioned to accept orthodoxy as normal, and to accept that there is only one way of doing “it.”

This sounds a lot like the state of social media and the web

Greg McVerry

Ursula Franklin Quote in Holistic Technologies #el30

1 min read

Holistic technologies are normally associated with the notion of craft. Artisans, be they potters, weavers, metal-smiths, or cooks, control the process of their own work from beginning to end. Their hands and minds make situational decisions as the work proceeds, be it on the thickness of the pot, or the shape of the knife edge, or the doneness of the roast. These are decisions that only they can make while they are working. And they draw on their own experience, each time applying it to a unique situation….Using holistic technologies does not mean that people do not work together, but the way in which they work together leaves the individual worker in control of a particular process of creating or doing something.


There is a lot of connection between Dewey, Franklin's holistic tech and what happens when you build your own website.

Greg McVerry

Dewey Quote on Art and Communciation: Dewey's Blog would have some really cool desgin #el30

1 min read

For it is by activities that are shared by language and other means of intercourse that qualities and values become common to the experience of a group of mankind. Now art is the most effective mode of communication that exists

A common element of and is focusing on the "Art of Oneself

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Greg McVerry

Another Dewey Quote

1 min read

From the standpoint of the individual, it consists in having a responsible share according to capacity in forming and directing the activities of the group to which one belongs and in participating according to need in the values which the groups sustain.

this is part of the reasons networked communities like and work

Greg McVerry

Dewey on the web and silos in 1934

1 min read

All communication is like art. It may fairly be said, therefore, that any social arrangement that remains vitally social, or vitally shared, is educative to those who participate in it. Only when it becomes cast in a mold and runs in a routine way does it lose its educative power.

It's like Dewey knew what would happen if we didn't drive people onto the web

pg 142 Democracy and Education

Greg McVerry

My @IndieWebCamp Berlin Demo

1 min read

I added a bunch of new plugins

I can now do reviews, watching, likes, and reposts

I added a video option to @cleverdeveil's plugin. So I could note YouTube or other web video. I missed an opening bracket. The PR is filed

I tried to make my first Idno plugin for a "read" post but failed. The main php file is redirecting to

You can find the repo here: Pull requests not only welcome but needed.

Greg McVerry

Found Poem from #MarginalSyllabus

1 min read

lead from my heart
yet I am scattered,
and deeply tired.
bemoan partisan differences
inability to engage in civic discourse
people question
inner truths
trauma on top of trauma
to do with rhetoric.
Supportive networks
tension between what I want
what I responsibly should do
essential knowledge for our teachers
stakes are raised
today complexities address what it means to cultivate
help remake and repair the world.

Greg McVerry

Halloween Party

1 min read

Let the kids have a good time

then the parents wanted to play

Greg McVerry

In the Know(n) at Virtual IndieWebCamp-Europe 10/31

2 min read

Today I got to join vHWC-Europe with Jeremy Cherfas, Sven Knebel, and Chrin Burnell. We discussed the upcoming IWC-Berlin and the cool stuff we think folks might build.

I was also finishing up the lesson on Docker and containers.

Then Jeremy and I discussed the pros and cons of my migration away from WordPress and returning home to Known where the IndieWeb has always just worked for me.

Jeremy agreed as he has run his podcast sites through Known and was debating going full board with Grav but likes the simplicity and ease of Known just working. Felt it was worth his tradeoff of maintaining to CMS.

I am going with a social stream combined with a static homepage: I did decide I will do some long-form writing from flat HTML files (I wanna full control of my CSS to do weird stuff). Does mean I need to figure out authentication with indielogin and will have to manually maintain in XML file (finally get what DRY means)

In terms of Known Jeremey and I talked about stuff we want to work on with the community:

  • html entities in the status updates (high priority)
  • styling comments and webmentions in themes
  • creating plugins for read and listen posts.

I will be remoting into IWC-Berlin and beyond my goal of redoing the Getting Started with WordPress page I hope to leave with my first Idno plugin....It won't be a webmention badges yet....probably just take @cleverdevil's Watch plugin and see if I can hack a listen and read.

Greg McVerry

My to-do list

1 min read


  • Build to-do page 🍅
  • SBIR Grant Recruitment 🍅
  • NSF Grant Meeting 🍅🍅
  • Advising emails 🍅
  • Application reviews🍅🍅
  • Script reviews 🍅
  • Work on manuscript 🍅🍅🍅🍅


  • Work on manuscript 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
  • Application reviews🍅🍅


  • Application reviews🍅🍅
  • Faculty Meeting🍅🍅
  • ReVIEW Support 🍅🍅
  • Finalize manuscript🍅🍅🍅
  • Build 307 student pages 🍅


  • send out interview emails 🍅
  • build out edu307 pages 🍅
  • FINISH IndieWeb and DS!06 paper 🍅🍅🍅
  • Send out doodle for NSF grant 🍅
  • Work on IndieWeb/Social Justice grant 🍅


  • meet with Sponsored Program about UCONN Start PPOC Grant 🍅
  • Submit Social Justice Femhack Grant🍅🍅
  • Email prospective students to schedule interview🍅
  • Release update to lcgnh website🍅🍅
  • Meet with church leaders to increase diverse teaching force 🍅🍅
  • Read EDU305 and EDU307 Feeds 🍅🍅