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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Planning the YouthZone for Feminist(Inter)vention Conference on Gender and Technology

3 min read

flickr photo shared by hackNY under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license

The Good Fight

Fighting for diversity at Southern Connecticut State Univisity looks a little different than it does at other universities in New Haven.

While debating the use of words like "headmaster" or discussing the balance between free speech, safe spaces, and halloween costumes matters our diversity efforts focus more on the lived experience of those who have long felt the shackles of oppression. 

Our fight for diversity means ensuring the class schedule coincides with city bus routes. Our challenges lie in ensuring a smooth pathway from community colleges to four year insitutions. It means providing greater online classes and child care for single moms with two jobs.

We fight for diversity by working tirelessly with Gear Up students who also want to become first generation college students.

 I do not want to undercut the efforts of other universities nor their student bodies. Its just the fight for diversity looks different at schools of access rather than those of affluence.

I am a firm believer that words do matter. Every student should feel safe. Yet to truly overcome the issues around diversity, wealth, and society we must first focus on educational and economic stability.

Diversity and Technology

For those who follow the tech scene you know that we have a diversity problem. Yet this cannot be solved in Silicon Valley. It must be solved at places like Southern who work closely with New Haven Public Schools. It must be solved by Open Source projects such as Mozilla's efforts to .

It can not be solved in your board room or with the right hire. Equity comes from opportunity. Opportunity comes from education and economic stability.

Thus I am proud to serve on the committee for the 22nd annual Women's Studies Conference: (ter)vention: Women, Community and Technology. I am charged with creating the YouthZone.

Using lessons I borrow from the YouthZone I want to create a space that uses production based learning to empower young women through agency. Together we want to see how young women from Connecticut can change the world.

My original design sketch

GitHub Repo

I have created a github repo for anyone that would like to follow along with our progress. I will probably also mae a gDrive folder with the latest files so those who can't navigate the intracacies of GitHub are not excluded.

I will need the most help with the hackathon. I am a non-technical volunteer for many edtech projects. I can markup pages but I have never really coded. Please feel free to jump in.

Have an idea or question? File an issue. Want to get involved file a pull request or reach out to me on Twitter. I need your help.

The Closing Pitch

We are 100% a self-supported conference. We try to offset fees by finding local donations. If you would like to support our efforts feel free to reach out via email. We need swag, money, and volunteers. Any level of involvement will be greatly appreciated.


Greg McVerry

Defining #WebLiteracy as we must #teachtheweb

2 min read

As part of our  language arts class we had to choose from a few options for a cumaltive project. I chose to work on the "flipped classroom" videos that have emerged as an instructional genre.

In the flipped model background knowledge and lecture material are delivered out of class so the work with the material can be done inside.  I use the term more loosely on the class syllabus.

Basically I refer to any short video or multimodal performance designed to teach a very specific obective. These are often how-to or basic knowledge.

I chose the knowledge approach for this one (been leaning more to gifs for my how-to's). Since some of you have started to hit the Web Literacy and Language module I thought I would do a quick video on Defining "Web Literacy"

<iframe src='' width='640' height='403' frameborder='0' mozallowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

How it Was Made

Remix. I took multiple video and image sources from people explaining Web Literacy and from Web Literacy in action. 

To make the video I used Mozilla's Popcorn. This is a tool dear to the heart but soon to join a the parade of old tools that had to make way for the future. 

What will remain are the udnerlying skills of authoring content through remixing.