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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

#edu305 Class Learning Hoe to give Concept of Print Assessmentb@scsu

1 min read

￟Give the gift of love and literacy. 

Greg McVerry

A successful Homebrew Website Club New Haven

2 min read

Creating a learnign space on campus for students and alumni to gather to share their experiences has enriched my online teaching and provided students with an avenue for agency and artisty

On 2019-02-06 the local New Haven Homebrew Website Club met. As part of the global movement we join together to hack on websites. For many of my students this means building a site for the first time. For @SCSU alumni who attend they carry the website they began as students out in the real world and bring examples of how they use their sites in their classrooms.

New Name

At Wednesday's meeting we did decide a few things. Participants do not connect with the Homebrew Website Club. They do not know the history of the computer club once attended by Jobs and Gates and do not really care once they learn. So after some discussion we decided to revert our name back to the Elm City Webmakers. We will still host homebrew websiote club meetings but will brand these gatherings of the Elm City Webmakers.

Great Location

picture of room

Huge shout out to Dean Hegedus for building the active learnign lab where we meet. Today I was joined in person by two people. Natalie Caldwell, a student, and Drew McWeeney, an almuni

Awesome Goals

Natalie began byworking on her site. She wanted to learn how to add Bridgy and then to customize fonts and colors. Natalie even played with a bit of microformats

Drew came to the Elm City Webmaker gathering to work on his Grav site. Drew is working on instructional design for the American Red Cross. After discussing why he was using Grav for whta was a single webpage we decided to roll up opur sleeves and learn to spin up a web page by writing HTML.

Overall a great first meeting this month. I am looking forward to seeing even more people in two weeks.

Greg McVerry

My Random Collection of Slidedecks on Workshop Methods #edu407 #edu305

2 min read

Hey and below are links to many of the slidedecks I have curated and created over the years. I wish I was better at knowing who made what originally but images and videos and slides I found got mismatched together.

I will record videos for some of these throughout the week but here you go:

Workshop Methods

Readers Worskhop Conferences (some mine mainly someone else;s):

Reader's Workshop (not mine)

Writer's Conference (remix mainly someone else's)

Writer's notebook

Tag TEAM Writers worskhop

Reader's Notebook

Talking and Writing About Texts

Teaching notetaking

Reader's Workshop

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

#edu407 #edu305 #edu307 Friday Update and Office Hours

3 min read

Hey everyone,

 Working from home today. Happy to help anyone get started. It would have to be over a screen chat. I can walk you through connecting. Take about ten minutes. Just stop by chat if you need help.

Meeting on the Weekends

I will not have much weekend availability. I know many of you will be doing your work on the weekends but I coach youth sports, and am a cub scout leader, and have two part-time jobs. So weekends are tough.

This is why I do not use a Sunday to Sunday schedule. I want to be involved and like me, your busy lives may lead you to catch up a night or two before assignments due. I want to hang out with the class when the flurry of activity is going.

However, if you see me online, feel free to ping. If I can I will happily hop on a call, you may hear my children screaming....Teacher's curse you can raise anyone's children but your own. 

Office Hours

 I will be on campus M 10-11 12-2, T 11-12, W10-11. Some days meetings get scheduled during my office hours. I will post a note to chat when this happens.

Workshop Time

I offer workshop time W 12-1. You can come in and work with me, meet with groups, get peer feedback. It is a workshop. Come work and focus on for the content or technical help.

You can also come the and 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month to get help on your personal websites or blogs. This is scheduled for 5:30-7:30 to accommodate working students. I also encourage almuni and other students who want to work on their websites to stop by as well. 

Chat Room

If possible please try to leave your questions in the chat room on the website (#edu407 and ...#edu305 you can ask in class) rather than email. I want to leave my email more open for advising and coordinator stuff.

Plus if you have the question someone else does as well. Answering student queries by email would be like having each child come up to your desk rather than raising your hand.

Of course if you want to keep it private you can email me or DM using the chat tool (would require sign up).

New Technology

Having to try new technology is hard. I understand. I had never taught before AND I had to redesign the course for online learning.

Online isn't alone. We will be hanging out and working together a lot in these classes. If you learn something share it with a classmate.

I am also going to continue to release tutorials. I will build a tutorial page on the website but I need to lay it out all out. Until then you can find the tutorials on the feed page for your classes. 

Greg McVerry

Changes to My Core Instructional Design #literacies #digped

3 min read

I got some expected feedback from my online Children's Literature class. A reoccuring theme amongst my students is they feel overwhelemed by the number of tools. To me it fels like the natural tools of networked knowledge building but many students have trouble navigating the tools. I used o use:

  • Class website- for example
  • Class Feed-Linked on the page
  • website, usually a first, where they learn to blog
  • Slack-Our chatroom and hangout
  • Hypothesis-Online Annotation

This semester I am dropping Slack and Hypothesis. I love the tools but clearly my students want less places.....And I am itching tio add more like wikis....but I won't. The shift of mindset alone requires enough effort.


I always want to recreate the culture we have in our online pedagogy groups. A fool's errand. Many of us have hung online toggether for ten years. A decade of of practice can not be baked into one semester.

Though I am starting to get students who have helped to create learning speaces with me in two other classes so maybe this will improve.

Still no students hang out in Slack like we roll in Slack, IRC, or Twitter. The primary reason lies in the realities of the students I serve. Many have two to three jobs. 25% of of my undergraduates have children. Each as a unique life story and experience to bring. This ain't the cookie cutter white fence lives of Ivy League students or even UCONN students. They worry about making rent not the next Spring Break destination.

Having the capcity for networked learning reflects priviledge. No one used the channel. I tried Slack because when I used Known turned into a file cabinent to hand in assignments. If I wanted that I would use Blackboard. Slack was no different. 

Maybe I could have tried more welcoming messages each days, diret messaging people, but I coudl not increae engagement in any class.

The Replacement

I still need chat. It reduces student emails a hundred fold, plus it's how humans learn. So I added a chat room to my IndieWeb Course template.


I love hypothesis. My students do not. Partly because I did not spend as much time in the arrticle stream, but also just preference. Many do not want to read and take notes this way. I feel have a moral obligation not to demand students use a specific method for the external storage of knowledge.

The Replacement

I am going to have students publish Read posts and include block quotes and analysis, and then publish an analysis post synthesizing the readings. Our students, even in their sophmore year of college need support in text based analysis. I feel this step will add in greater reflection.

Class Feed

I have used inoreader the past few years and create a page of class feeds on the website. I am debating whether to try Malcom Blaney but all my students use so I wouldn't get the benefits of having a microsub/micropub social reader.

I don't have a one button push solution for IndieWeb sites and the best we can do with is webmentions with Bridgy.

Probably just stick to Inoreader.

Meeting the Student Needs

This will greatly reduce student navigation. They now will only have to vist the class website and post on their website.