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Greg McVerry

Writing Tip for #edu307

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As a writing intensive class I must assign 25% of the grade we make up together at the end of class to revisions.

I believe more in revising forward rather than backward (Which comes with a nasty dose of proofread after publishing). Meaning instead of going back and fixing stuff you already published I want to see writers who take feedback from me and their peers and use it in future writing.

We will of course edit some work. That's a key difference between traditional long form writing and blogging in a way. So in our longer pieces you will track areas of improvement and show how you addressed criterion in your revisions.

Writing Tip One From Module One

A reaction or a synthesis piece goes far beyond a summary. I read the three articles assigned. No need to rehash each paragraph for me.

Take a stand. Show emotion. Get drawn to a quote. Find a connection to your personal life....Start by thinking I must transform these words to transform my thoughts.

We already submitted summaries in our "read" post. Search for creativity and connections.

So here is the tip (beyond please pre-write...makes your life and my life better): Spend time just focusing on "your message" not the readings. Check out the example below:

screenshot of text being edited from

Just watch how word choice strengthens the author's position. Think about what you want to say....Then say it. Then return to your notes from the readings. Decide what fits where in proving that what you wrote will ring true for all.


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