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Read Typewriter Rodeo

I could not put this collection down, still can't. In fact I turn to typewriter rodeo when ever I need a good dose of inspiration to slap me upside the head.

"Typewriter rodeo" tells the tale of four friends who write free improv poetry for people on typewriters. The grup heads out to events and conferences, asks for an idea and then the keys start chomping through history.

The authros gathered their poems and organized them into collections such as "love" "family" "whimsy", and "vunerability" to name a few.

The first time I read the book I followed the laid out theme. Each poem also incudes a bit of back story about the person who requested it. So in the poem "Prince" Sean tells the tale of a middle school girl asking for a poem about Prince after he passed. Turns out Prince helped to shape Sean and in that moment a poem took off.

Sure, they were just songs
  But no
        They were so much more
            A swagger
              A life

Seeing how these improv poems got created by listening to the tales f the audience creates a magical dialectism throughout the book.

On my next read I chose to read by poet. To see if patterns in style emerge (they really don't). I had to start with Jodi.

She wrote a poem Electic Mayhem that defines me. I love her work throughout the book. The poem (you can search it out) could displace my already forgotten Mantra.

Overall I highly recommend this collection of poetry. It inspired our crew to do the poems where we gifted poems to strangers all month long. I love fast poems, just write, and put pen to paper without hesitation.

Your poetry stinks. Totally fine. No one reads it anyway, until they do. The hands of the typewriter rodeo remind us of this lesson.

By Jodi Egerton, David Fruchter, Kerri Ann Holt, Sean Petrie


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