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Greg McVerry

Read Children of the Sky

Vernor Vinge's third book in the Knowledge Zone series suffers problems of many third books in a trilogy but for those who love the tales s ofΒ Pham Nuwen, The Olisidot children, the group mind dog like creatures the tines the third book is worth the read.

Part of the let down of third tale has to be the the overwhelming perfection in the first two books, "A Fire Upon the Deep" and a "Deepness in the Sky" reached almost perfection level. Hitting three grand slams tough for any auhtor.

The third book takes place 10 years after the Olsindots fled the blight, a super intelligence gone wrong,Β  and takes place on Tines Woirld, the planet of the dog like creatures. The entire book is about the struggles of power between human and tinish factions.Β 

The central conflict of the series,Β  the blight, barely makes a bleep in the plot. In fact the only major plot advancement involving the Blighter fleet had zero impact on the story.Β 

Worse the central conflict of the tird book feels unresolved. Instead of wrapping up or building points in the larger story arc you felt like the entire book was "almost about to get to the main events"

Vinge is still a master at plot twists and his ability to create alternate realms also provides a fun ride. I would still read this book if you enjoyed the first two.


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