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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

How does
blood of white privilege
dry when
   sandstones stacked
by bloodied hands
  of American born
African chattle?

Do hues split into cracked
  and torn knuckles of
of forced laborers?

Shattered like families who
The People's House?
polychromatic dance
between Noah
  and Ham?

Or do the colors come together in a
united in a
stain on American

Greg McVerry

I did not have normal day yesterday
That is okay
Watching domestic terrorists take siege to the US Capitol.
Not Normal
A call for a Monarch has not rung in the Rotunda since 1814.

A seditious attack by our fellow citizens.
Not normal.
For 206 years the People's House stood protected.
Not by guards and police, but a shared national decency.
Possibly seeing police and national government collaborate with terrorists.
Not normal.

Millions of people brainwashed into not believing math.
Kinda the new normal.
That is scary.
Homegrown terrorists attacked our country.
At the command of the President.
Not Normal. Criminal.

We have yet to hear from a single law enforcement official.
The President has not spoken.
The organizers of the terrorist attacks gloatingly roam free.
Not normal.

I probably will not have a normal day today
That is okay.

Greg McVerry

Do not lionize She was a domestic terrorist shot and killed while attacking and invading the US Capitol.

Greg McVerry


of our nation's
descended on to
  our Temple of Jupiter
As we stumbled down
  the seven hills of
history to a better tomorrow
  The ignorant fear
  their blood
spilled on sandstone stacked
  by slaves
A Rotunda of shame
  undeserving of America's
Let us pillage hate
that invades our National
into Spoila of a better

Greg McVerry

The People attacking the Capitol Building to force a coup are not Protesters. They have moved on from futile protest to


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