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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

& teachers moving online & thinking about microlectutres,backstage post my planning one for @scsu classes. I have not taught with a ppt in over a year, you do not need to narrate slide decks.

Greg McVerry

Check out this poem It came about from someone writing a poem in response to a post on how I wrote a poem, then remixing my audio poem with his new poem. Write in all the modalities

Greg McVerry

I stole a genre of blogposts from @cogdog called posts, when ever my students are learning a new medium or modality for writing, or processing a piece I ask for peak "backstage"

Greg McVerry

I just published a post on building a Podcast feed. migrating from WordPress getting closer.

Waiting for end of semester so as not to throw off students.


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