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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

"Supporting the Commons take solidarity first" @kfitz

Greg McVerry

I think the more we root the labor in the professorship and get it directly to the Commons with the fewest intermediaries possible is best.

Greg McVerry

A lot of talk about and student cost, I know its selfish, but I am more concerned with the taxing cost of our labor. Replacing a textbook ain't really if I can't remix your course. Get your syallbi and courses online. Create a Commons

Greg McVerry

Hey the lurking discussion continues with some of the building blocks used to support and encourage lurking

Greg McVerry

Hey @sadike25 still trying to raise $150.00 US to launch an network in Ghana....$150 and we will connect SOOO many people to the Commons. DM me or paypal

Greg McVerry Th EU copyright law isn't bad for Google its bad for the web... We have to stop this threat to the Commons.

Greg McVerry

There was value in social media. it did bring publishing to the masses.

Having a blog or website takes work... it reflects privilege. Literacy always has. Technology does not change that.

As educators, we took the wrong lesson from Web 2.0. It wasn't, "Ohh wow now nobody needs to know HTML!" It should have been, "Oh everyone needs to know HTML"

We are paying for this ignorance. We need to do what teachers have always done since time eternal. Help to build our communities.

The web is no different. Don't play one platform to rule them all. That got us in this mess.

Fight for open standards and protocols. Encourage the Commons, most importantly just be able to answer the question, "My url is..."

You can never build a village when somebody else owns all the land.

Greg McVerry

This is what I am exploring.

For academics in our spaces whose , , , , philosophies align with principles would the tools like MicroPub and MicroSub and standards like webmentions not only make tracking the spread of our stuff, but more importantly encouraging the spread and spirit, without recreating another silo. Regardless of how open?

The OER Commons tools look promising and we would need stuff like that for most educators but I was trying to figure out what a DIY approach could look like as well.

Greg McVerry

Interoperability does have a legacy cost but if we put effort into our metadata and standards tools can be built like the oer commons resource builder and Google Docs importer to make easier on everyday people.

We can get there I am commenting on the feed from my own website using tools.

I get to own my data and decide where to share it.


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