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Greg McVerry

This is why Dewey is one of my favorite writers about the web:

Greg McVerry

I am sure once everyone's semesters start cranking over next few weeks we will have to reshuffle the time anyways, but we have been having awesome weekly conversations:

Greg McVerry

If you are at and interested in either the or the group you should join us for camp NYC Nov 5-6 Free awesome conference to build out your space online.

Greg McVerry

@telliowkuwp At Summit added captions for first time this year. Took large investment of diversity and inclusion funds but figured reached more people globally and accessibly than flying in one or two more people from underrepresented communities

Greg McVerry

@Chess_Ess Started collecting examples of disclosures here: Please share if you include in your syllabus. Also doing a session at where we examine the disclosures(or lack thereof in our syllabi).

Greg McVerry

It's gonna be set up in the summer before college and use the Known CMS and other building blocks. built in four phases, tell your story, learn something, teach something, fix something. Really about building in and skills

Greg McVerry

Just added the Save the Date for NYC. We will be returning to @pace_seidenberg in Manhattan October 5th and 6th. Mark Your Calendars Now!!!

Greg McVerry

To Dream Big, Think Small #IndieWeb

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I am tired hearing about scale. In such a short time we have warped success to think it means millions overnight and billions in a year or two....

Because the web and local media will be saved doing the exact same thing again....

I want to dream big. So I think small.

大阪府立中之島図書館 flickr photo by m-louis shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

A server (or rented host) in every library and patrons can after completing training and signing community code of conduct. Abandoned sites archived. Libraries as local archives...who would have thought.

Reading newspaper flickr photo by zandwacht shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

Or a small local newspaper that provides hosting to subscribers. Give each physical address a domain, let families tell their story. Cash in on local sports coverage. Build in marketplace, do coupon newsletters, local business banners and crawl back classified revenue from facebook. Donate portion to local charities. Reader loyalty rather than data exploitation.

School flickr photo by gayboystpaul2004 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

A school system where every student can finish the sentence, "My url is..." Students taught to not only read the web but write it as well. A literacy program that involves reading and writing? Good idea.

Those are my dreams.

Greg McVerry

That was an awesome use of the planet. In fact I added it to the page of the wiki:

Greg McVerry

@Cambridgeport90 For the summit we live streamed using Twitch, archived the videos to @internetarchive and then deleted them from Amazon. If isn't live, and videos must be openly licensed but I have been moving from YouTube to @internetarchive


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