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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Replied to a post on :

@adamprocter I keep up my paid account for the commmunity. I don't really rely on the tools I just love here

Greg McVerry

Agency, Argumentation, and Blogging

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Calls to bridge cognitive and social practices when teaching Argumentation. (Reznitskaya & Anderson, 2002) developed Argument Schema Theory. Beach and What's their name (year) called for an integration (cite that). We continue this effort by building our theory of change on the concept of argumentation as discourse.

Argumentation as Discourse

Teaching students the norms of academic writing remains one of the most consistent challenges for teachers of the English language arts. The earliest comprehensive studies of writing instruction at the high school level suggested that most students were taught highly formulaic structures for producing academic argument (Applebee & Langer, 2013, Hillocks, 1986), and that trend has remained consistent over time (Applebee and Langer, Newell et al., 2015). Teaching and learning academic argument, especially in middle and high school settings, often is reduced to formulaic essay structures. In fact, Newell et al’s work (dervied from an IES grant project) suggests that

To clarify: what counts as argumentative writing, indeed what counts as argumentation more generally, is not a given. It is not something that just exists. It is instead a set of social practices deeply embedded in our everyday lives and the social institutions in which we all participate. It is socially constructed through and exists only through teaching and learning (Newell 1)

It is this set of socially constructed teaching practices related to argument writing that we aim to upend by providing students with a domain of their own to write, give and receive feedback, and critically evaluate outside web sources when creating their own arguments.

Writer Efficacy, Agency, and Identity




Dialogical Discourse

double talk

Community of Writers

community is essential to process writing (Applebee & Langer, 2013; Graham, Fitzgerald, Friedrich, Greene, Kim, & Booth Olson, 2016; Graham, & Perin, 2007; NCTE, 2016; Troia & Olinghouse, 2013; Zemelmann, & Daniels, 1988). Moreover, in writing communities outside of school, community drives all learning (Winn). We believe we have to intentionally design hybrid writing spaces that traverse both the classroom and the lived digital lives of our youth. This study seeks to understand t

Integrating Empirical Research into Phase One

Operationalizing Empirical Research in Phase One

Greg McVerry

I think I have a new p-note to add to my h-card now that I am "hard core" thx for the love

Greg McVerry

Coors began craft brew craze.....Hear me out...Big Eno was willing to hire the Bandit to drive across state lines while Cledus drove a tractor trailer full of beer. You try to think of way to get an extra four pack after waiting in line for an hour...

Greg McVerry

A to-do list with scheduled webmentions is quite doable. I have wanted to do this Pomodoro, but a webmention driven personal assistant could be a thing. You build a micropub client that adds or strikethroughs items have a time, a micropub webmention occurs at deadline

Greg McVerry

I just published another episode of where we discuss the basics of comprehension assessment.

Greg McVerry

I published the next episode of , in this two minute podcast I consider the of :

Greg McVerry

I never really work a poem. I draft, publish, proofread after publish (maybe) and move on. I may work this poem. Play with media. A long

Greg McVerry

Bite of the Gadfly: A #feldgang poem for #clmooc

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Earlier this month I declared the horsefly the antagonist of my .

Naturally I had to do some I tried to describe the most annoying thing in my physical world with the most annoying thing in the digital world...horseflies link to recording in case  iframe is getting stripped out.

The vanity of tabanidae

Dive bombing Dipterous

Of data

Flying into your phone

Never leaving you alone


On two wings, 

making your phone sing

A lonely sound 

Drowned out by all those



Heads down, thumb scroll

The gadfly takes a constant


Hunting for attention

A technological convention

Promising ascencsion


Colossus Proboscis

Hold us in suspension

As the mouthparts

Suck our attention

The blood of thought

All for not

Under the onslaught


Heads down, thumb scroll

The gadfly takes a constant


Notifications take flight

Looking for a fight

Endless durartion

The stabbing ping

A constant ring

An ablation of presence

Stolen by the essence

Blood letting at our



Want freedom from the Gadflys?

Turn off notifications.

Greg McVerry

I published another edition of 2toPonder my two minute microcast on learning:


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