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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

There isn't an easy way for all the blogs of to talk.

We can build really cool classroom spaces using post types like read, listen, watch, reply and bookmark.

can credential using webmention badges.

can export xAPI with a tiny bit of work

Greg McVerry

The state of learning tools, well there isn't a state, there is a kick ass team and all t by e teachers behind Moodle and a bunch of bloggers.

has already built most of the tools the second group needs and the first is more than welcome to use.

Greg McVerry

Dashboard creation on the microformats side pretty well developed and unlike other learning vocabularies thousands of people use the metadata every day to consume and create texts.

It is for this reason we are building the future of learning on the

Greg McVerry

xAPI development paid for by the Department of Defense.

Go ask ten sergeants if they want their lieutenants carrying data that can only be reassembled using government provided devices or data packaged in human readable text.

See what they say.

Greg McVerry

I think the affinity group stuff better kept to a credentialing spec. Gonna play nice with xAPI just gonna encourage smallest metadata set possible to ensure data portability.

Learning vocabularies are already bandied about massive. No one really uses them.

Greg McVerry

I like for teaching because microformats makes sense for learning. Teachers know how to write paragraphs and look for evidence in text structure.

Thus if evidence exists at text level then metadata should to. Plain as Chekov's gun or Occam's razor?

You decide.

Greg McVerry

A native plugin would be best and quite doable. But folks are working on Bridgy Fed and Pixelfed

Greg McVerry

I think I need to remove all url unfurling from @withknown. It looks real pretty but I often use someone's url to @ mention them using webmentions....The content of the post is not about that url at all.

Greg McVerry


Greg McVerry

in us all,
through realization of intention
finding joy and
resourcefulness in service,
goodness becomes
more eviden
in many
looking for consciousness
confusion of desire
begin to
to your why.