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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

Ask your self are you modeling the practices we want to see in students? Do you practice critical reflection about learning on your blog? Do you network with people on networks not owned by corporate adtech firms.

I tweet from a domain I own.

Greg McVerry

Start with a pad and pencil. Best ever

Greg McVerry

Why can't tech itself be the lesson that needs elevating. For far too long we thought of it as an extra.

Greg McVerry

Teachers need to model what it means to have your own domain and publish on your own site. The pre-teaching before app is a mindset

Greg McVerry

I am not sure we need to shift students to content creators and not consumers. Let's not lose the focus on critical consumption

Greg McVerry

@senorg I mean webmentions. Seriously though think we can make a really small verifiable credential with a permalink or two.

Greg McVerry

@senorg Won't make summit. Will be at Summit same time. So o ISTE. Who knows maybe I come back with a webmentions badge platform

Greg McVerry

Anyone know why I can get a page to open on a website I made in @glitch:

I have tried just the file extension and the entire url but it doesn't link.
Here is remix link:!/join/dba8d63f-612a-4170-8cfe-eb4bf3accded

Greg McVerry

Designing an #IndieWeb Course Template

2 min read

So my long term goal is to help create a decntralized LMS powered by tools and philosophies.

To that end I needed to redesign my course templates.

I started with my live course: and went at it.

My first goal was to add h-card and h-event microformats.

I then shared some of my progress and folks were wondering why I still used Bootstrap and not CSS Grid and flexbox. ...Mainly because I didn't knwo how. So I had to learn those.

I may have made quite a few errors as I cobbled it together.

What is next?

I could not for the life of me get the side nav javascript I usually use to work. Will contine on that.

The font awesoem icons simply would not center. I tried everything. Except the right thing.

I really like a collapsible side bar with a full screen sections but I figured the holy grail was good place to start.

Where to find it?

Here is the GitHub repo:

Here is Glitch:

Here is Thimble:

Progress on classroom

Course Template (done)

Syllabus Template (not started), but it is just updating to CSS grid as well

Choosing blogging/microbloggin option for students (in progress)

Tutorials (not started)

Figuring out and installing Apeture and getting a MicroSub reader for the class (no where near ready).


Greg McVerry

@chealsye Just followed my way back to the Google Doc.

My direction was off but that is easy to fix. That's copy and color.

Been working on some underlying HTML using microformats2.

This should provide enough metadata for the map UI you want... that is too above my skill.

I can see the JavaScript with necessary form fields for users. Shouldn't be too hard.

Your media. You thinking iFrames or looking for hosting solution?