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Greg McVerry

Black and outdoorsy: from @edifiedlistener as part of blogging challenge

Greg McVerry

Stuck to Rot in Twitter Jail, Need my POSSE to break me free

6 min read

Twitter Suspended my app that allows me to syndicate notes to Twitter and I can't figure out how to restore Write Access. 

Twitter has grown increasingly hostile towards me and keeps suspending my ability to communicate with my networks. 

This is the third time they have revoked my write privilege because I engage in "harassment behavior. Here is the last communication below.


Thanks for reaching out. Your app has been restricted or suspended due to one or more violations of our Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements and/or Twitter Rules. Common reasons for this happening include:

  • Users reporting content posted through your app as spam (Tweets, RTs, favs, DMs, etc.)
  • Abusive use of automations, like auto-following/unfollowing  
  • Suspicious API usage, such as repeatedly hitting rate limits
  • Display violations regarding how you must show Tweets

This list is not exhaustive, so review our policy documentation to ensure that your app and your app’s users are following all of our rules.

Please respond to this email if you need further clarification, but note that we will only consider a request to lift this restriction after you provide us with the following information:

  • App ID and consumer key
  • Link to and instructions on how to log into your app to review it for compliance
  • A list of specific changes that you have made to resolve policy non-compliance

We will not respond to requests to lift restrictions that do not include this information.


Twitter Platform Operations


The hardest part is Twitter makes you guess what you did wrong. I asked for examples of my tweets that were in violation of their policies but nobody will respond. 

Further they want access to my website with my user name and password. That feels shady. Why would a company want in my blog?

Here was my response (this is our third email)


App ID: Quick Thoughts Blog

consumer key: Nq92QNTEOTSqTbNZlzOvypDW

I am not going to give you credentials to my blog. I log in and then I publish a note and it gets syndicated to Twitter. I have been doing this since 2015. 
In terms of specific changes I made I am unsure of how my tweets violated the process. I syndicate my notes from my blog as tweets. I think I got flagged for unsolicited @ mentions but as I explained in my email as an educator we often gather around hashtags so we @ mention people we do not follow all the time.
I copy and pasted the exact same content from my syndicated tweets that were blocked to Twitter and those tweets had no problem and were not flagged so it can not be the content

I got no response. So I figured I did not guess at what information they wanted since Twitter said they refuse to respond if you do not provide all the information. So I sent this follow up email this morning:

Hello I did not get a response. 
I am assuming I must not have provided the relevant information. I will try to address these points one by one in hopes that you stop restricting my write access.
App ID and consumer key

App ID: Quick Thoughts Blogconsumer key: Nq92QNTEOTSqTbNZlzOvypDW
Link to and instructions on how to log into your app to review it for compliance

I am a single user of my app. It is my blog and a single user set up. Creating credentials for you would make me have to change my entire set up. It also seems to be a security concern to give login credentials away to a stranger. I am surprised you ask this of people. Instead, I include screenshots to demo how the app works. Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.34.39 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.40.22 AM.png
A list of specific changes that you have made to resolve policy non-compliance

This last one is tough since you will not tell me why I am out of compliance and say I must guess from one of four possibilities and then explain how I will no longer repeat the mistakes I do not know I made and you will not specify which of the four things I violated.
I have asked for links to my tweets that were in violation but no one has responded.
If someone reported a tweet of mine I am truly sorry. Yet I doubt this is the case. As a teacher I use Twitter to connect with educators and promote free open source events.
If I hit the rate limit can you let me know how many times I can tweet in a day? It is usually 50-60 but if it is an educational Twitter chat day I may hit 50-60 in an hour and 100-150 in day. Am I using Twitter too much?
My best guess is I @ mention people I do not follow. The first time you suspended me I was live blogging/tweeting the Major League All Star Homerun Derby. It would make sense to @ mention ballplayers as they got up to bat. I assume this is exactly how the MLB, who clearly had a paid sponsorship, would want folks using Twitter. Further, I do not think @ mentioning a professional baseball player equals harassment. I take being a good sport seriously and try to model for my kids how fandom does not require vitriol
The second time you suspended my account I was @ mentioning folks in my blogging and academic circles. Specifically, I was reaching out to folks involved in the challenge and women's groups involved in diversity efforts in the Portland, Oregon area. I may not follow everyone who I @ mentioned and they do not follow me, but they have been in my RSS feeds forever or I had let them know in other channels (like Slack) that I would send a tweet with an invite.
Have you read the tweets? Do you think my efforts to increase better representation among People of Color and women is a bad thing? I don't want to give up the fight for a better web.
I want to be in compliance so if you can please let me know which of the four conditions I violated it will be easier for me to share a plan of action.
Thank you,Greg McVerry

I will let you know if I get a response. the first time with MLB players Twitter never replied and never gave me write access back. I had to build an entire new workflow for syndication.I really hope I do not have to quit Twitter. It will cut my professional network off from me and I will have to rebuild it on a competitor but it seems Twitter is getting more and more hostile to owning your own content and wants to force everyone to always stay within their silo.

Greg McVerry

I am so thankful for has provided such a guide to my teacher candidates of color and a great resource for me to point the children of (New Haven, CT) and show them that people of color build websites and blog.

Greg McVerry

@booktoss in all the years I have known you I am not sure I know were your home base is. Either way try to join us for the summit Jun 29-30th. We have great remote options for this free conference. So glad to have , sadly my ignorance left me without mentors and models of bloggers to show my students of color. Problem solved.

Greg McVerry

@ClareLandrigan I have been reading all the post but have held off on writing reflections or thoughts about each post as I didn't want to crowd out voices in a space meant for teachers of color. I haven't seen many voices using the posts as a platform

Greg McVerry

@oliverskrewe Added to the challenges wiki page: @alfredtatutm often writes about restoring the tradition, lineage and honor found in reading and writing, let's do the same for blogging so they never have to be rebuilt

Greg McVerry


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