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Greg McVerry

Hey Lookie! Lookie! @microdotblog giving away free accounts for educators. Best turnkey blogging/podcasting tool out there, plus intentional hospitable community

Greg McVerry

Been playing with some blogging tools on dokuwiki

Greg McVerry

Creating the #IndieWeb CourseWare with @ReviewTalentFS and @withknown thanks to @scsu and @uconn start-up grant

3 min read

Anyone who has followed my meandering path into the knows much of what I do gets driven by teaching.

Our company ReVIEW Talent Feedback System brings this vision to teacher coaching, evaluation and feedback. Reflection and learning should drive classroom improvement.

To that end, we partnered with the Known Open Collective to add learning and reflection to our our platform. We want to help open source learning tools. As part of a start up grant we got from Southern Connecticut State University and University of Connecticut we had three goals

  • Add Single Sign On through OAuth
  • Create a blogging platform to drive coaching and growth through reflection
  • Create an online course builder

OAuth Plugin

The first goal involves a bunch of plumbing. I won't get into this as much to say is what let's you sign into websites with your school email or a social media button. We did do and release all of the development open source. People are already using the OAuth pluging to connect Known to Moodle. That's cool. Open source helps knowledge spread.

Blogging Platform

The second goal derives from ten years of experience in teacher quality and evaluation. We learned important lessons. Mainly we want to measure teacher quality but don't really have the tools yet. Rubric driven observation and coaching does improve efficacy of teaching...jury still out on achievement.

We wanted to give educators a chance to reflect on their growth outside of, but connected to their talent management platform. So we have added the ability to host a school wide network using the software of the Known Open Collective. In fact we donate 50% of any revenue from the reflection blog tools back to the Collective

Course Builder Plugin

I am most excited about the course builder plugin. I have always wanted an IndieWeb course builder and this open source tool is now closer to reaility. We have a few kinks to iron out before we release to the wild for beta testing but I thought I would provide an early view.

You start by clicking on a new course.

You can then design the front page of the course and add course objectives and a code of conduct

adding objectivesThis allows you to include course goals on the front page

add modules and tasksYou can then click on a button to add a schedule or events or add a module.

add a readingOn each module page you get the option to add description, a featured image, a video, and readings.

This is a screenshot of the live module page. We will change the way the reading displays.

My favorite feature, every task is its own page. That means educators or learners can send in artifacts of learning as a webmenton. Meaning they do the learning on their own websites and just link to the task.

The instructor will then be able to see all submissions in one place, while the learner mantains control over their work!

Next Steps

Even cooler we will use this feature for an upcoming webmention badges plugin.

We also need to develop the APIs for the rubrics built into REVIEW Talent Feedback System so we can display scales inside of Known or pull posts into ReVIEW. This goal is more long term.

Also on IndieNews

Greg McVerry

Hey #EDU106 I am With You!!! @scsu #instructionaldesign #distancelearning #covid19

1 min read

Don't Worry, We Got This

I know many of you may have a bit of anxiety as we move to a fully online classroom. I wwant you to know I will be here for you. I will complete EVERY task that assign to you and create a culture where we support each other.

virtual hug

Let's Connect

I am here for you. We will meet at our normally scheduled Monday and Wednesday class times. I will send out a video link. I have already posted my virtual office hours for drop in help.

Cool Activities

All those fun activities where we focus on production based learning. We will keep it up. I will make tutorial videos, we will have fun discussions about the readings, and continue to learn stuff.

Next Steps

Please continue to "Learn Something." Share your blogging reflections describing how you are "Learning how to Learn."Β 

I will make tutorials today on how to record podcasts as learning reflections. When we return from spring break we will work on making timelines.

Well back to my ukulele lessons.

Greg McVerry

Developing our Shared criteria for blogging in #edu106 #netnarr

2 min read

This week we began clas by first examining patterns we found in our first three weeks of blog posts:

You folks were highly critical of each other and yourself! Please understand that when these patterns emerge it is not the fault of the students but of the instructor not laying out clear expectiations.


Next I role played with you showing two different ways of delivering feedback. I could say, "You folks are giving me single parapgraphs like a 6th grader...."


....or I could base my feedback on growth and say, "While you took a postion your writing would be improved with greater organization and eloboration. You can begin by trying to organize your writing in mutltiple paragraphs. As an elaboration technioque make sure to use evidence from the readings."

Which approach do you think research supports in helping students grow as learners and writers?

Next in small groups you did a turn and talk and as a table developed a list of criteria for good blogging. We then combined this list as a class

list of topics suggested by students

So here are the final criteria

  • Strong organization as evidenced by a central idea, concept, or argument supported by multiple paragraphs, each organized around a central idea. Use of signal worrds and headings.
  • Analysis of the readings that uses evidence from the text, combined with personal observations to support your position.
  • Voice and Expressions emerge over time to create a clear style for the writer
  • Affordances of Multimedia used such as images, links, and movies to enhance your message.

I left the word length requirement off. The 250 words is a suggestion. The correct answer is the exact number you need. Not one more. Not one less.

Greg McVerry

Screenshot of tumblr publishing experience as I click through post types

Screenshot of tumblr publishing experience as I click through post types

@Tumblr still has one of the most intuitive publishing UX in the blogging world. It's purdy to boot.

Greg McVerry

So many niche communities of teachers connect blogging. has web ring, rss planet, provides private space to draft. Find a passion. Get a blog. Curate a community. In fact is giving out free poems all month as part of

Greg McVerry

Web needs folks like @robvato @booktoss and @ebonyteach, world needs movements like and and we need to fight the homogeneity of the web. English only web not an Open Web. Bilingual teachers keep students blogging

Greg McVerry

This is a free two day online campus I am organizing for netxt weekend: If you were ever curious about how to get started on a website, blogging, or teaching with join us

Greg McVerry

We have a platform to track personalized growth through PD, connect it to your observation and feedback, and we are adding a course builder and a blogging tool using @withknown check it out,


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