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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

We need to focus on these things rather than blaming curriculum adoption. I do believe partnerships with to develop an curriculum can help recenter education away from educational intermediaries taxing the system

Greg McVerry

@aaranged In education land we call it text structure, you can't be intelligent content if your reader can't infer your organization through your structure....

This seems like an SEO article without saying SEO and seems more worried about machine readable structures rather than human.

Greg McVerry

I posted a microcast as a reply here:

In summary:
I found Doug's points fascinating and his connection to political philosophy, enlightening as always.

I do take issue with Doug's ideas that 's focus on building out from the self first is at odds with his leftist liberalism.

It seems the argument boiled down to easier on boarding with existing federated apps means scale is easier to achieve. Therefore replacing the ability to connect with just HTML and turning to additional ActivityPub support instead is more rooted in philosophies of equality.

Agree that the apps and software in the fediverse are more mature than the social readers of the IndieWeb but that to me is not a reflection of different values.

I believe an approach where everyone has their own space online that they control is more egalitarian.I believe HTML based websites are the most resilient, sustainable, and equitable approach ensuring everyone can read, write, and participate online.

I have floated around the fediverse, been unwelcome on some servers, unable to follow archaic rules on others, and I have even seen major design decisions of Mastodon decided on a whim in a few toots....Federation requires feudal lords and I would rather know I own my castle.

The fact that access to web literacy falls along traditional class and racist system fault lines is a reason to double down on education.

Plus there are new apps that use IndieWeb building blocks emerging every day. You can use or as a social reader and blog/website builder on iOS, Android, and the web. You can visit and get a site and a free domain.

So if onboarding and scale is how we define egalitarian philosophies I think we can draw on the IndieWeb principle of plurality and welcome anyone online regardless if they connect through HTML or ActivityPub.

Greg McVerry

So I see it more as an issue of education and not just regulation of tech...that and waiting for old white people to die. Black and Brown people have more babies. TX and FL will be solid blue in a cycle or two. Maybe next one

Greg McVerry

Great to see real education. Hey they just announced full funding and grants for all female teams.... But then you get a joke about needing women to "organize".... Forget the busy work engineer bots!!

Greg McVerry

But how could it not be true? How did every literacy researcher gather every year, last week of semester and no one ask how does this affect our students???? Answer has to be the students didn't matter. The world of literacy education looked down upon

Greg McVerry

It is teacher blaming. They are either too ignorant to know they are wrong because all those teachers in education programs preach "whole language" which in pop culture articles like @ehanford work means three cueing systems and anything not phonics

Greg McVerry

Wondering where all that talk of nudge came as in, "let's just nudge in some more grit with our rigor" @smarick does a nice history on the subject in this piece:

Greg McVerry

@msjbeemer_lsn Madness is wrong. Not education. Teachers shouldn't have to beg for a pittance from publishers, pushing past people in a purgatory pace, of please sign my book, please gimme free stuff, scan my name, send me spam

Greg McVerry

We also contribute both code and community to the @witknown Open Collective. An amazing blogging platform built for education. Always looking for students to get involved in shaping open source tools.


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