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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

@BRCrandall Wow thx for share. We also run bi-monthly events in New Haven and folks with are gonna start a personal website meet up in Hartford later this fall.... Worked on this for the excite for

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

@dogtrax Going to work on a lesson plan today about creating a "blog" for a character in the book using the project. Great way to do a novel assessment plus kids would learn HTML.

Greg McVerry

Finished the blog page of my site: will work on the tutorial in the morning, gonna call it quits for the night. But anyone can now remix that project and have a working blog in HTML

Greg McVerry

photos for Wildlife addition: Most taken on Thursday, the ants yesterday. They were crazy thousands marching, prize in hand well over four hundred feet. I gave up looking for the source.

Greg McVerry

Rake waitong on a tree as a contemplate Going Down Hill. #feldgang #clmooc

Learning pathways and walking paths need to worry most about erosion. When you allow too much acceleration., carve too deep a channel, you never know what can accidentally be wiped away. Passions, emotions, and history all washed out by educating fast. 

Greg McVerry

I never really work a poem. I draft, publish, proofread after publish (maybe) and move on. I may work this poem. Play with media. A long

Greg McVerry

Bite of the Gadfly: A #feldgang poem for #clmooc

1 min read

Earlier this month I declared the horsefly the antagonist of my .

Naturally I had to do some I tried to describe the most annoying thing in my physical world with the most annoying thing in the digital world...horseflies link to recording in case  iframe is getting stripped out.

The vanity of tabanidae

Dive bombing Dipterous

Of data

Flying into your phone

Never leaving you alone


On two wings, 

making your phone sing

A lonely sound 

Drowned out by all those



Heads down, thumb scroll

The gadfly takes a constant


Hunting for attention

A technological convention

Promising ascencsion


Colossus Proboscis

Hold us in suspension

As the mouthparts

Suck our attention

The blood of thought

All for not

Under the onslaught


Heads down, thumb scroll

The gadfly takes a constant


Notifications take flight

Looking for a fight

Endless durartion

The stabbing ping

A constant ring

An ablation of presence

Stolen by the essence

Blood letting at our



Want freedom from the Gadflys?

Turn off notifications.

Greg McVerry

#feldgang photos #clmooc

1 min read

I wanted to play with textures a bit.

close up of a nail

leaving east haddam sign nailed to tree


white mushroom covered in dirt

fallen tree with decaying bark

close up of plant growing on dead tree stump

close up of exposed root system

close up of exposed root system

close up of hole in leaf

clsoe up of hole in leaf

close up of tree

close up of wishbone hole in a tree


Greg McVerry

I finished the third lesson in the 101 Build Your First Website unit I am working on as part of my learning journey for . I welcome any feedback.


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