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Greg McVerry

@dogtrax Great! Now I need to write a poem about how swell it is to dwell in our well and excel in spells that foretell pastel verse to unshell and propel a new noel knocking from our knell bidding our farwell

Greg McVerry

Published today's Today's poem , a my collection of the collectives written under one moon across many corners of the third rock.

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

polymers into monomers
moments into time
moon but
a fairy ring
floating on hypha
so enshrined

whisps of chitin
slip away
truth wafting from
our Flower Moon
threads of fallen
stars wrapping
roots in our mind

Greg McVerry

Corn Planting Moon
Milk Moon
Vesak Festival Moon
poetry of perigee
keeping time as souls
spin in splintered light
At Buddha's birthday
Glooskap picks
flowers on Algonquin shores
mine, yours,
theirs, our

Greg McVerry

My moon
silhouettes of time
dancing for new horizons

Negligee of night
dawns the
day's déshabillé
embers cast
watercolors painting
today's portrait
in fleeting moments
of truth splayed


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