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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Did your Institution go fully remote after Thanksgiving? Share this video with students who need easy hacks for learning (bonus no technology beyond paper and pen involved)

Greg McVerry

Maybe if colleges and universities in looked at housing and feeding students as a responsibility and not a revenue source our budgets would have had greater immunity to COVID-19

Greg McVerry

Today's @scsu to-do list. Tip for students plan for remote #highered success by setting daily goals.


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Looking for a an action packed day today.

-Early on I had some ideas for the working group that kept festering on my hike yesterday. So did some hacking on Working Group tasks before house woke up.

-Dropped kids off at school and checked the six online classes I teach this semester. Dropped in to share my love of Erik B and Rakim (this week doing best hiphop duos of 90s recommendations welcome)

-Then it will be a morning full of interviewing Southern Connecticut State University students seeking admission into our College of Education programs to become teachers.

-Will hop back into teacher mode and record some videos for where students are getting their roles assigned in our weekly discussions. Then over to show students how to use a wiki to add our book reviews.

-By lunch I transition to camp a free remote technology camp for middle schoolers. Camp starts at 15:00 so want to finalize lesson plans and hire a student worker to help with the work load.

(DM for donation materials all moneys go to getting free computers and training to families in New Haven)

-Then after dinner I have to rectify the books as treasurer for East Haddam Little League...little behind on the books.

Greg McVerry

Connecticut HigherEd system had issues with trying to get everyone on approved and supported platforms. Embarrassing zoom bomb during a speaker led to stern warning.. Again.

Greg McVerry

Proud of you @scsu Owls!!! campuses spiking due to risky student behavior..0.0% infection rates!!! Thank You for your had work.

Let's prove to the world reopening takes common sense and a mask

Greg McVerry

know why this happens ? In @microsoftteams app click on a link to a file or a link to chat in @microsoftteams app...opens browser window and tells me I need to download the mobile or desktop app...but I am in the app

Greg McVerry

faculty please stop saying phrases "our campus is now a majority minority campus"...Thing about math...once you're the majority you are the majority....A minority group (white faculty, students leadership) can still hold power

Greg McVerry

A lot of time the @microsoftteams assignment tab doesn't even load and I have to shut down and relaunch the app...Maybe @microsoftteams isn't ready for the prime time in teaching. I really enjoy it but the plumbing so clunky

Greg McVerry

Hey Here is the module one kick off video: come join us to build your or remote teaching skills

Greg McVerry

and teachers looking to up remote game in fall. This free and open course kicks off Tuesday: Bring your blog an join us.

We will cover better practices in remote learning.


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