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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

hey @scsu faculty at 11:00 I am running a session on Using Your LMS for the Teaching and Assessing of College Writing join gme, check the online trainign schedule. Other or faculty DM for the link.

Greg McVerry

Hey @scsu students published another video in Online Survival Guide Series: How to start yourself off for success each week:

(sorry for the buzz, had laundry going forgot to lower my gain)

Greg McVerry

I used to think death and retirement were the only pathways to innovation in I guess we can now add global pandemic to the list

Greg McVerry

I will never understand why @Blackboard can't handle something like setting the contents of a div container to display on overflow...It isn't much CSS. Lack of scrolling makes gradebook useless (I amb using FF Dev 71)

Greg McVerry

& teachers moving online & thinking about microlectutres,backstage post my planning one for @scsu classes. I have not taught with a ppt in over a year, you do not need to narrate slide decks.

Greg McVerry

Example of a most effective and effiicient way to ensure all students succeed in #k12 #highered online. metacognitive checklist, an example from #edu106 @scsu

1 min read

Want to know the most effective and efficient way to help students succeed in your online class? Just provide a metacognitive checklist.

Here is an example from my Southern Connecticut State University class an intro to

Did you read the Maisha Winn article?

Did you make a concept map, drawing the shape of Winn's piece? How would you visually represent the ideas, organizations, and connections?

Did you publish a post describing what you will learn?

Did you publish a blog post, meeting our new high standards, reflecting on the readings?

Did you bookmark three sources you will use to learn something?

Did you take and share notes on the bookmarks you shared?

Did you share three written reflections on what your are learning?

Did you share thee audio reflection on what you are learning?

Did you analyze a mentor text using our graphic organizer?

Did you submit a graphic organizer analyzing an online community

Did you write a 250 case study of your online community evaluating the space using a connected learning lens?

Greg McVerry

Hey @scsu at 11:00 I am demoing how to support group work in online learning. I welcome any or teacher to join. but DM for link to avoid videobombing.

Greg McVerry

Teach a Grad Edu course to already certified working teachers? Please, look at course and see if you meetgoalswhile creating a space for the teacher to reflect and work on "teaching and learning k12 online"

Greg McVerry

Hey large scale academic conferences let's take our cue from O'Reily Media: time to walk away from the conference circuit.

Greg McVerry

How Will You Move Your Educator Field Work Online? #edchat #teacheredchat #highered

3 min read

review logo

Your students now take classes 100% online. Our k12 schools have shuttered their doors to promote social distance.

What should a teacher candidate do? They came into the semester so excited to do field work or student teach. How can we recreate this learning?

Patrick and I want to help. We will waive the $2,000 annual site fee and reduce our per site license fee down to $10 an account.

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is a teacher observation and instructional capacity coaching program. It is currently used by New Haven Public Schools, Hartford Public Schools, Killingly Public Schools, and CREC. 

Conflict of Interest Statement: The development of the software is partially funded through a start up grant from the University of Connecticut and Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. J. Gregory McVerry has a revenue sharing agreement with SCSU Foundation and will give portions of profits back to the university

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System Video Library 

All videos are normed against the 2017 CT SEED model and have transcriptions for accessibility purposes. Our framework in Connecticut shares many traits with other rubrics of effective teaching.

The video based calibrations can be used in Ed Leadership replacement observations. They can do a Video Based Calibration as a summative assessment or we have access to high quality partners that have developed curriculum that walks students through 31 strategies for feedback and observation. 

Ed Leadership Replacement Assignments 

Any educator preparation program can use our video library and video based calibration. We will happily donate the VBC platform to any University using the system.

If any program wanted our coaches to score the videos pre and post we have highly talented coached that deserve to be paid so that can not be donated.

We also have access, through our partner network, to high quality curriculum on best practices for coaching through observation and feedback.

If faculty would like to have a class set up in ReVIEW Talent Feedback System as a demo they should email

Teacher Candidate Replacement Assignments 

Any of the videos inside our library can be used to replace scheduled field work. Teacher candidates who can not student teach or students who needed to conduct observations earlier in their program can have pedagogically sound opportunities using our video library,

The videos can be set up for purposeful observations. So, for example, we can watch Ami McMoran teach a small group lesson on vowel sounds and see how she reviews objectives and expectations and sets criteria for students. 

Students could watch for other active discussion techniques in secondary science.

We can use this opportunity to rethink our field work and make sure we use shorter more frequent but targeted observations. We can brainstorm some cool assignments. Long term ReVIEW would be a great place to pilot the validity of a rubric or text the validity of a set of raters.

If faculty would like to have a class set up in ReVIEW Talent Feedback System they should email 


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