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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

Carving out Room For Subjectives in New Educational Spaces #edu522

My Who Am I Post

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In every conversation you hear calls to get back to school, to "Get back to Normal."

I don't like the old normal. Normal did not work for the majority of our children. Especially black, brown, and indigenous kids.

I want to serve up something new.

So to illustrate my subjectives for this class I decided to learn a bit more whittling and carve up a spoon.

wooden sppon unfisinished

I believe we must mix up perspectives and I am hoping to accomplish two projects in this class:

  • A digital handbook on how to blog using WordPress and the SemPress theme
  • An autoethnography on me learning to build a poetry page as I taught a LEP Tech class and participated in the IndieWeb movement

Eat Your Own Cooking

As I try to stir up good trouble in my career I use a lens of digitally engaged scholarship. Borrowing from community engage scholarship I can not separate my creative activity, teaching, and service. These three, I believe, need to work together in service to the greater good in partnership with communities and learners

For the last few years much of these efforts for me have revolved around the IndieWeb movement. I help an amazing group of web activists. We started the Elm City Webmakers, run a free tech camp for teens in New Haven, and organize events all over the world. Developers release amazing technology that re-envisions the web as our social network.

Recently the IndieWeb community, in continuous reflections on diversity and inclusiuon metaphors, adopted a metaphor of "eat your own cooklng" to replace the metaphor of "self dog-fooding." This just means using the stuff you build and building stuff to use rather than just talking about building.

So I thought the spoon made a good physical metaphor for my subjectives. I always thought of my pocket knife as my original 3-d printer. It just works backwards much like an autoethnography. I also want to stir up good trouble to start recentering the web in marginalized communities.

Cook With Others

Recently at the IndieWeb West conference I facilitated a session on Cooking For Others. I am glad we moved on from the idea of self-dogfooding, but I wanted to try and get at something else. It's hard for me to describe, still working out the idea but for many they come to movements and communities, out of a sense of duty to others.

The idea of only using what you build made Silicon Valley billionaires. The model works. I just wonder if it works for everyone. Maybe it is a bit of mindset and not just metaphors we need to shift.

At the same time I will never ask my students to do something I will not do. So I am asking you to learn something new and be open about the process. Therefore I needed to the same.

I guess me learnining how to whittle is my attempt. I carved a missing chess pawn when we went camping with neighbors and I recently found myself desperate for an evening distraction. I work around the clock M-R and my partner works at a restautant W-S.

Basically stare at a screen all day. Have binged everything bingebale on all the networks (well still need to finsih the 100) and haven't done any kidless adulting, or any social gatherings since March.

Why not just stare at a fire and whittle wood? Sharing my carving will be the dish I bring to our table. I can not wait to see what tales you serve up.

Greg McVerry

All poems
about the same
history in everything
find the undefined
haunted ruins
dense, layered
get moved and make it
all you need,
a body, a voice, an imagination
feed the jazz of
the poetic voice and
drag out a physical response
if you live
too much
in your
no bodily
poetry beyond
missing cadence
in hidden history of
every moment

Found poem from Robert Pinsky

Greg McVerry

resonance on
in combined voices
  respond to loss
with love of sheer
   physical pleasure
sonic textures,

stand back
shape language to
gain distance
let it go

Sonic textures
marvel in
self expression
as we let readers in

Found Poem from Mrk Doty

Greg McVerry

I am struggling with this a bit too. There has never been a digital and a physical for me. Just life. Now all these folks entering our space unfamiliar with three decades of social norms and trying to drop in their norms.

Greg McVerry

water colors
turned to poems
remixed into jazz melodies
converted to a zine
cut up
and those lucky enough
find a postcard
doodle or poem
for we make no
distinction between
physical and digital

Greg McVerry

Wow how amazing are the Middle School Teachers.....Driving around in a parade, honking horns, and delivering "prize tickets" ...virtual....nobody broke physical distancing rules....Perfect example of supporting community!!

Greg McVerry

Also encourage everyone to stop saying social distancing in their online spaces. Increasing our physical distance so we must DECREASE our social distance. Online isn't alone. Create online spaces for to thrive, even if this over SMS, or email

Greg McVerry

We just did an "unselfie" project and that was a greate way to add some creativity, share a selfie of yoru self that can not be a digital and it must be made of physical stuff you find around the house.

Greg McVerry

Step one let's stop saying social distancing with our online students we are increasing physical distance so we all need to work together to DECREASE social distance in our class. online isn't alone

Greg McVerry

Hey #edu106 here are photos of our lecture lastdiscussion at @scsu. Remember our goal it to "operationalize" the "theory" of connected learning using "matirix analysis" to evaluate an online community

Hey #edu106 here are photos  of our lecture lastdiscussion at @scsu. Remember our goal it to "operationalize" the "theory" of connected learning using "matirix analysis" to evaluate an online community
Hey #edu106 here are photos  of our lecture lastdiscussion at @scsu. Remember our goal it to "operationalize" the "theory" of connected learning using "matirix analysis" to evaluate an online community

We have discussed shapes a lot this semester. We started by tracing the shape of Kobe Bryant's award winning farwell to basketball. You then traced a shape of a story. Finally you shared the shape of your own story as we built an About Me website, created an unselfie, and did a photo challenge.

Meanwhile we learned how to recognize the shapes of qualitative and quantitative research articles you will encounter in college. We explored how values get baked into numbers or codes. We found common patterns and differences in text structure to help us be active readers.

Now you begin to shape your own research.

We have been learning about a theory of learning called "connected learning." Theory gets operationalized in research, so the way we are doing that is by breaking connected learning into categories and placing this in a table. There is a column for you describe how you define the principle, a column for you to describe your learning community, and then a column for any additional notes. This is a simplified version of something we call matrix analysis.

This process is our method of research. You have to first complete an example of your matrix by looking at an exemplar texts. These are the case study examples from the DML Research hub we looked at. This provides you a chance to practice completing the matrix.

Giving you practice means you get trained as a researcher and this helps increase the rigor of results.

After you did the model you were then to choose a community to analyze. Remember you are not going to prove if it is or is not "connected learning." Also many of you picked physical

You collect evidence, put it in the write box on your matrix, look for patterns and draw conclusions. It may or may not be a connected learning space. It may not matter. Go where the data takes you.

This graphic organizer is due next Monday. While this was a group project I will allow people to work alone giving the craziness going on.


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