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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

EDU #506 As We Are Examinging Different Ways of Questioning Text Structure get Creative in Your #literacies Task #poetryport

3 min read

Maybe it is
on me
I limited choice
rather than watch
as it drifted through
seas of possibilities
you can interrogate a text
through novel quests
like a comic
which flips through
understandings in dialectical frames
or perhaps Found poems
inference far stronger
of the main idea

Check out how Kevin Hodgson summarized a book in comics

Following Kevin's lead I decided to use Found poems as a way to take to notes of a book I am currently reading.

An open life : Joseph Campbell in conversation with Michael Toms

You can find my feed of found poems here:

Do ways of representing
start denting
the pool of minutes
yes but the understanding
within us
through slow reading
and remix strengthens
the negotiation of meaning.

Greg McVerry

Check out this poem It came about from someone writing a poem in response to a post on how I wrote a poem, then remixing my audio poem with his new poem. Write in all the modalities

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Hey check out the way that Shawn stresses content and thinking about different genres in as he wants to prepare successful students.

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Hey everyone interested or attending @indiewebcamp online we will be finalizing the schedule tomorrow morning, check out the tentative schedule and feel free to propose new sessions:

Greg McVerry

@miklb @chrisaldirch just hacked on the 2015 theme, he uses micropub and @jackjamieson built it into the Yarns plugin, might check that repo

Greg McVerry

We have a platform to track personalized growth through PD, connect it to your observation and feedback, and we are adding a course builder and a blogging tool using @withknown check it out,

Greg McVerry

Pull into the Poetry Port: A #clmooc poetry challenge for the Month of February #IndieWeb

1 min read

Poetry can offer a safe harbor from the tumultuous waves of our lives. The words and verse we offer can also stir up a storm in the calmest of seas.

To celebrate the limitless navigation through the channels of language the crew has christened a new vessel of verse: The Poetry Port

Every day in February a random word was chosen. Need a poem? You will be assigned to one of our captainless crew who will craft a ballad just for you. Get your daily ticket for the journey using this form

Want to write your epic creation, check the calendar and put a poem out there. Text, audio, video, gifs, all of the above and nothing at all.

poetry adrift in
unwary words
of visionary

in port

waves of words
crests of truth
distort the barnacles
lodged in our souls
as bards
from the atolls
of lost words

Greg McVerry

Here is the syallbus for this semester @scsu: wanna check out what students did last semester: looking forward to showing students value of as they begin to craft their identities online


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