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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Time melts
In relative
of mighty archipelagos
limbering bright,
and white
Arpeggios of
lost in vast seas
  of squander
half steps of humanity
crumbling in whole steps of
time as accidental
modulations fall
Crescendo of cascading
ablating streams singing
    Our Varianttonart
sails on, ice
melting in a symphony
of a shared denouement.

Greg McVerry

@GlennF Hands down the crew. An artist collective of photgraphers, poets, painters, musicians, and muckrakers:

or my own feeds. Network

Greg McVerry


Our sun
time frozen
in fading
For trees,
leaves long
speak today
of poetry
A cadence
on weight
of shrinking
in the prosody
of our politic.

Greg McVerry


Mountains melt to sea
As we drown in hot excess
Our future tipping

Greg McVerry

Winter rarely lasts
Yet water in fissures freeze
And mountains get moved

Greg McVerry

My Decemeber #ukulele songs #clmooc

The #ukulele underground curriculum has three course, but on top of the classes you work on two songs a week. Then drop those songs. Howver

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The underground curriculum has three course, but on top of the classes you work on two songs a week. Then drop those songs. Howver you mix in 1-2 older songs from previous weeks.

In December I worked on:

  • Waiting in Vane
  • Stand By Me
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Fire on the Mountain
  • Jambalya

Waiting in Vane

A good song simplified to a different key practice a 4/4 count. Being a Reggae tune I am starting the first verse on the 2nd count.


Stand By Me

This song is fun. Good practice singing and strumming to different rhythms because it is slow. Being C, Am, F, G, C it provides a good basis for other songs


Friend of the Devil

A Grateful Dead classic of only four chords. I struggle with the strumming pattern. A bit fast and an upstrum after the four beat. I so wanna finish on a 4 beat down strum. I often end up just with an ududud and trying to keep time with the 4/4 count.


Fire on the Mountain

Another easy Dead tune. Just two chords. I made myself a scale tent to practice B Major Mixolydian. Sounds so fresh, drips in srpring rain as a scale. I am also trying Barr chords here. Realized you need to be gentle not apply too much pressure.

This is another stum pattern I am trying to find. Struggiling a bit. Need to just keep practicing slow and move up the tempo.

Again finishes on an upstrum, but I think I need to drop the first two down strums with a bit more mojo.

There is a reason John MAyer fell in love with the Grateful Dead. Every song usually just a couple chords, no real progression, and just a scale. Yet you can go anywhere to places no one has traveled in spaces trampled on on for centuries.



A Hank Williams traditional. A eight note udud to practice. First song I really learned.


January Goals:

Arpeggios, Rolls, and Chunking. Time to hang with the right hand.

Week one songs: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison and Guava Jelly by Bob Marley

Greg McVerry

got question awhy does not show up in our RSS feed. Mainly because written on Twitter. If you publish haikus on your own website or Mastodon let me know so I can make sure they show up in our RSS Planet

Greg McVerry

probably the most writing group I know beyond some other teacher poetry groups organized on blogs and RSS much longer,. We utiilize a web ring, and RSS planet, to syndicate all the artists together.

Greg McVerry

@Cambridgeport90 Check out here on Twitter. fun little corner. Also crew you can join ton of writing and artists.

I just know that every dollar I help facebook make is one more dollar towards hate

Greg McVerry


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