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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

I published today poetry "firefly" thx to @telliowkuwp for the reverse meteor line...totally lifted it from a poem he had yet to write.

Greg McVerry

what a poem

can't decide
meaning of
rot, still
letting light in.
Giving permission
fissures of reality
slip in
on lucifern
YES! A Poem
in there somewhere
meteor still frozen
  maybe it creeps in
metaphor seeps in
creaks and cracks bending
floor boards
to coldly lit realities
collected and discarded
out the door.

Greg McVerry

Published a podcast. Today's episode "Forgotten Forevers" a wondering what happens when they are gone.

Greg McVerry

I just published today's podcast. Today's work "Coriander Seeds" Follow with RSS or @pocketcast

Greg McVerry

Ideas for Digital #literacies lessons #edu407

2 min read

Make a Podcast

Here is my 2toPonder series and my son's podcast series. Want to make a podcast, just record on your phone or laptop and upload the file somewhere.

Use Paper

In my literacy mantra I made a flip book like explanation. I just stacked my phone camera on a bunch of books.

I also do little clip art talks with paper cut outs

You can do "In Plain English" style videos. I always pre write a script. I like to divide it into three columns, the text, me, and ay actions.


Use a Voice Animation Program

Use a Sock Puppet App

This is one of many sock puppets apps on iOS devices that kids love.

Use a text to Speech App

These are fun as all you have to do is type and it gets converted to text. So many uses in the langauge arts classroom.

I made a video about RSS Planets recently for .

Do a Pecha Flickr

You can make a timeline

TimelineJS is a great tool. You turn a Google spreasheet into an interactive multimedia task.

Use Movie Making Apps

So many choices for movie making apps. Yoiu can make book trailers in iOS, short clips in Animoto or try WeVideo on Chrome.

Use an Animation App

There are so many choices on different platforms for animation apps. The key is to remember to enhance your pedagogical goal. What is the animation giving you that just talking to the camera wouldn't? Time is precious.

Use Poetry


More poetry ideas

Make a Website

From a fake Facebook page, movie posters, poems to a Star Wars crawler. You can use ELA content to master the basics of how we read, write, and participate online.

Check out this collection of activities


Greg McVerry

Here is today's podcast "Lemonade. Dedicated to all my @WeAreOpenCoop friends. Each of them a tall glass....#writingcommunity

Greg McVerry

Homonyms and Homphones in the poet's toolkit #clmooc #writingcommunity

1 min read

We often talk about the tool's it a poet's toolbox. Ideas like including two unrealted subjects, writing through senses, emotions, and observations.

A poet who writes in English can also take advantage of homophones and homonyms to stretch and bend meaning. They allow you to indluce a double entendre, letting a word inhabit two meanings. Hopmophones and homonyms also can provide hard pivot points in a poem

A homonym are words that sound alike but have different meanings. A homophone is a type homonym where the words have different meanings, different spellings, but sound the same.

Yesterday the creww, inspired by Terry, wrote a series of homonym poems around the word fuse.

Fuse means many things. You can light a fuse, blow a fuse, or fuse things together. The etymologogical history maybe similar but the meaning different.


Link to text version

Kevin's Poem


Terry's Poem


Greg McVerry

@dogtrax This is my poem on fuse to capture the earworm you two sent me on by sharing Commander Cody and then Guy Clarke...kinda did a history of rock in roll vibe going now:

Greg McVerry

My fuse poem #clmooc

My fuse poem #clmooc

learning fuses
    as ideas melt
     coalescing in communities
as thought

New Knowledge

sparked on tips
of past as
rekindle flames
of desire
fibers of
unlit realities

img credit img credit: "Melt" by AnnLoHY is licensed under CC BY-SA


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