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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

So when randomly opened up to -eam in rhyming dictionary I want edto pay tribute to the smooth flow (laminar flow in slipstream) of my kids while usinge world as target for metaphor bc deal in anf

Greg McVerry

@dogtrax Ttrying a new poetry exercise. Open to random page of rhyming dictionary and choose a word. At same time I wanted to capture my duality of teaching kids to read with and then protecting supply chain with

Greg McVerry

Doing content or marketing around or ?

Please note no information is better for your channel conversions than wrong information. Customers will label you bad actor immediately,

Need a solution: ask before publishing

Greg McVerry

@c3isit Super stoked as well that board signed a contract.

Not really sure the interim rules really make kick in. You might want to check your sources on what kind of assessments are needed under 7019, 7020, 7021

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Today's @scsu to-do list. Tip for students plan for remote #highered success by setting daily goals.


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Looking for a an action packed day today.

-Early on I had some ideas for the working group that kept festering on my hike yesterday. So did some hacking on Working Group tasks before house woke up.

-Dropped kids off at school and checked the six online classes I teach this semester. Dropped in to share my love of Erik B and Rakim (this week doing best hiphop duos of 90s recommendations welcome)

-Then it will be a morning full of interviewing Southern Connecticut State University students seeking admission into our College of Education programs to become teachers.

-Will hop back into teacher mode and record some videos for where students are getting their roles assigned in our weekly discussions. Then over to show students how to use a wiki to add our book reviews.

-By lunch I transition to camp a free remote technology camp for middle schoolers. Camp starts at 15:00 so want to finalize lesson plans and hire a student worker to help with the work load.

(DM for donation materials all moneys go to getting free computers and training to families in New Haven)

-Then after dinner I have to rectify the books as treasurer for East Haddam Little League...little behind on the books.

Greg McVerry

@rlmcpp Thx for sharing the link. The community content really help us a lot on the Objectives and Assessment Working Group. Help us see hou future LPP and LTP teams see the maturation model and identify misconceptions


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