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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

ohh Did I mention it was free? Did I mention @indiewebcamp and @edcamp both the fork of the same barcamp style unconference.? Did I mention its production based? You will leave having hacked on and demoed a project.

Greg McVerry

I always seem to bring home some prize from and those be extra special

Greg McVerry

@tcarey98 Sounds like even more reason to let the audience do the booking style paying speaker fees are lame (unless I am the speaker)

Greg McVerry

@mritzius Interesting historical fact for , is based off of which was started by one of the people who also launched @indiewebcamp. we need to bring and together

Greg McVerry

Yes: Just RSVPing for @indiewebcamp Austin!!

Greg McVerry

Adactio: Notes—November 3rd, 2018, 12:28pm

of how the hashtag was createdย  Had no idea of unconfernce connection @edcampct

Greg McVerry

& makes sense. Time for movement to evolve & connect with other across the nation using ethical tech on networks that reflect our values as open educators.

Values of owning your data, a domain of your own, and community should flow through

Greg McVerry

@DanAgins @judyarzt @sedson @jluss got first email of season. Getting super excited.

Over in the corner of our world we are trying to do outreach with different organizers to see if we can work together.

Want to indiewebify

Greg McVerry

@edteck not sure if you will be at ISTE. If not and you are local we would love to invite you to the summit this year in Portland.

Your exp with students and Wordpress is awesome

If you can't make it any other edcamp organizers welcome.

Greg McVerry

@mtechman Melissa and I were discussing and how awesome it is when conferences have wifi. The cost of providing wifi is astronomical but essential. She brought up the idea of the edcamp unconference model. That got me thinking how could we do a unconference.

If there were enough folks interested I would be more than happy to help organize one. I was thinking it could work like this:
- use the unhangouts plug-in for hangouts (if available).
- each session an hour
- Have ten slots available (add extra hours after if many submissions)
- Publish all proposals in the open and unblinded
- We upvote the proposals.
- Highest ten make program.

The voting rather than the famous index card board is a little un-unconferency here but I think it works. This would mean all proposal submitters are also all conference reviewers. There is no rubric. We know each others work; we cite the same scholars without reading theirs.

Basically we know good work. Vote for your ten proposals. Use two guiding questions: Is the research and work relevant to you? Do you trust the motives, methods and results?

We have the ten rooms going on using the unhangout plug-in. You still get to vote with your feet. In this example you would be voting with a cursor, but a similar format could work IRL.

This would also mean clarity in proposal writing. Being concise takes work. Clear and predictable text structures help your audience and chance of acceptance. No word count but remember you have to read everyone else's work too. Keep it manageable. Link to data and long form analysis rather than include. Use the abstract as your metaphor.