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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

Hey Southeast Connecticut we need to do something to help the local Coast Guard in our state. The people who guard our borders should not be victims. How can we help? Ideas? Families of those who serve live on the edge. No pay...

Greg McVerry

If your podcast material is openly licensed then makes for a great podcast host

Greg McVerry

why many of us folk do the way we do on . Had amazing opportunity to chat with talented @eddiehinkle on episode here:
We Describe why web matters.

Greg McVerry

What is your theme music? "Every good superhero should have some"

Greg McVerry

For Dewey the only way to ensure meaningful freedom is to have complete control over the conditions that have consequences but to also making the choices to cooperate with each other in educative endeavors. Dewey would totally be a blogger

Greg McVerry

I wish professional organizations for and folks would move to a member recruitment model rather than benefits model. Make resources free, open source but subscription option. Encourage scholars to join not for stuff but because it's right thing to do.

Greg McVerry

@TaylorLorenz Not on the educational twitter chats. the retweet is a quick h/t or a way to spread a message you believe to other's in your network.There are edu chats on thehour every hour. I don't see the retweet being used simply for vapid vanity and no value.

Greg McVerry

@mansfieldisd How dare you fire @msbailey_cae for discussing “The issue at Charlotte Anderson Elementary School is whether Mrs. Bailey has followed district guidelines requiring that controversial subjects be taught in ‘an impartial and objective manner.'

Loving your wife is not a contrversial issue! Sharing your family at an event called "Get to Know Your Teacher" is not a contreversial issue.

Did @mansfieldisd get all gayed up after? Are all the boys runnign around at recess kissing boys? Doubt it.

Greg McVerry

@WarwickLanguage If you are a WordPress blogger (onboarding research starting there) and want to try out I would love to have you in the study.

Please note all data will be released with a CC 0 Public Domain license

Just ask you wait on installing anything until we can schedule the think aloud.

Afterwords if you want to contribute on analysis will try to publish study.

Greg McVerry

Doing School an #edchat poem

1 min read

Students should do school

Not have it done to them

And the less dough a district has

The more doing schools do

Let’s make the students our Subject

Not the object of our