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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

Mainly that personalized learning spent some time devolving into a definition of "computer adaptive testing" with assigned modules on a tablet/laptop...Too many firms sell it as a lie.

Greg McVerry

is a snake oil sold by vultures

Greg McVerry

Example of a most effective and effiicient way to ensure all students succeed in #k12 #highered online. metacognitive checklist, an example from #edu106 @scsu

1 min read

Want to know the most effective and efficient way to help students succeed in your online class? Just provide a metacognitive checklist.

Here is an example from my Southern Connecticut State University class an intro to

Did you read the Maisha Winn article?

Did you make a concept map, drawing the shape of Winn's piece? How would you visually represent the ideas, organizations, and connections?

Did you publish a post describing what you will learn?

Did you publish a blog post, meeting our new high standards, reflecting on the readings?

Did you bookmark three sources you will use to learn something?

Did you take and share notes on the bookmarks you shared?

Did you share three written reflections on what your are learning?

Did you share thee audio reflection on what you are learning?

Did you analyze a mentor text using our graphic organizer?

Did you submit a graphic organizer analyzing an online community

Did you write a 250 case study of your online community evaluating the space using a connected learning lens?

Greg McVerry

Yes! Offline first! and this is doable for any vendor, especially if they stick with open web standards:

Greg McVerry

@ajpodchaski My point is tech is already a white male dominated world. We want to fix this. Using competition as a tool for will exacerbate not alleviate the problem we all seek to solve

Greg McVerry

Step One of @IndieWebCamp Online 2020 Hack Day Project finished

1 min read

Goal Post

I finished step one of building my poetry page which was actually tearing apart my following page into different php files so I could move the snippets around across my website:

<?php include 'head.php'; ?>
<?php include 'header.php'; ?>
 < class="h-entry">
   < href="index.html">
   < class="p-author h-card" href="/">
  < class="followlist">
    < class="p-name">
    <?php include 'edtech.php'; ?>
     <?php include 'openpedagogy.php'; ?>
      <?php include 'indieweb.php'; ?>
      <?php include 'literacies.php'; ?>
      <?php include 'poetry.php'; ?>
      <?php include 'education.php'; ?>
      <?php include 'bloggers.php'; ?>
      <?php include 'edreform.php'; ?>
       <?php include 'instructionaldesign.php'; ?>
<?php include 'footer.php'; ?>


Greg McVerry

The philosophy of do over say is also a more sustainable approach. So much innovation is vaporware promises of tools of tomorrow, semantics that never settle. All the tools used in community exist today, not tomorrow

Greg McVerry

@NemetzMark Awesome! wish Google Sites wasn't such bad tool for learning web design would think Google's involvement in edu, standards in general, would allow use of source code and use HTML.

Greg McVerry

Hanging at CABE at the Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology, setting our goals and visions. Hoping to take a buzzsaw to buzzwords

Greg McVerry

In classes & grad classes I will still teach through blogging and outside the LMS. It is a genre of technology that only exists in school, not how networked learning works. But for majority of students online for first time, safety


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